August 3, 2010

Featured: The Knot Magazine

Good Morning!

We are working hard on a very exciting post for all of you coming your way later today, but first a little of the latest news in our world.

So put your hands up if you watched The Bachelorette last night! I won’t spoil it in case any of you TiVo’d it, but I do have to say I was really happy with how it ended and I even got a little teary once or twice. There. Now you know my little dark secret. I watch the Bachelorette and I cry at reality tv. *hellloooo, embarrassing*

Now. On to more sophisticated things. Like the super sophisticated and elegant wedding of Angela & Andrew that was recently featured in the equally super sophisticated The Knot magazine. Angela & Andrew had their gorgeous vintage travel themed wedding at Oheka Castle, which is just insanely beautiful. Everything from the flowers to the dress to the white horse at the day after session was an absolute photographer’s dream. But even more importantly, Angela & Andrew are just amazing people and among some of our absolute favorite clients turned friends ever. And as all you photographers out there I’m sure will agree, that’s what it’s really about.

Huge thanks to Rebecca Crumley and all the ladies of The Knot for being so good to us! We love you guys!

Stay tuned!

  1. spring

    I just watched the bachelorette from last night… WOW- i cried too, so you aren’t alone :)

  2. Meredith

    So fun! Congratulations on the feature!

  3. Tira J

    Congratulations on such a great feature!

  4. Trent

    I don’t watch the bachelorette, but I’m happy to hear you liiked the ending.

    SO happy for you guys getting that featured in the knot!

  5. felicia Gwen

    Congrats!!! That is wonderful!

  6. Sunny Mathur

    Wow, love the article, great to get featured! Congrats and well deserved!

  7. Deyla Huss Photography

    Very cool!!! Love the article you guys! Congrats!

  8. elizabeth luna

    Congrats much deserved!!!

  9. Corinna Hoffman

    Congrats on the feature, guys!! This is amazing!! :) And ooh, I noticed their save-the-date handkerchiefs–looks like from Lucky Luxe. Yay-those are awesome! :)

  10. maggieb

    Accolades! :-)

  11. Ray

    Congrats on being featured you guys! That’s awesome. ;o) How does ones wedding become featured though? Do you have to mail the magazine…?

  12. MM

    @Ray: Yep, typically you’ll need to either email or mail in a submission depending on the magazine. For this one though, The Knot contacted us from seeing it on the blog which was AWESOME!

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