April 15, 2014

Featured: The Knot National & More!

Well, it’s tax day.

A not so fun day most of the time, and an especially not fun day for us this year. Sometime in the future, say about 10 YEARS from now, when I can actually laugh about it, remind me to tell you guys about the time our accountant of the last five years decided to go AWOL one week before tax day and stop returning phone calls & emails. Yeaaaaaaaa.

It was awesome.

So we’ve been scrambling to find a new accountant and get everything done in time. But as these things tend to do, I think it might have actually worked out for the best because we found a new accountant and she’s AMAZING! She’s already asking us about deductions & strategies that our other accountant never did, so we feel really lucky to have found her. And she was a total champ and somehow still managed to get everything done in time, even though we only found her a few days ago!

So it all worked out, but it’s been an interesting few days to say the least!

So in light of that fact, and the fact that it’s tax day and I’m sure we could ALL use a distraction…..here are some pretty features that we have been really lucky to get lately! First up, we got our very first feature in The Knot National magazine!! We’ve been really lucky to be featured several times in some of the regional ones, but this was the first time ever in the national one so we were PUMPED! They did a style piece on Brooke & Shaun and her incredible handmade gown!

We also have a full wedding in this issue of The Knot NY with Shannon & Luke’s stunning Larchmont Yacht Club wedding!

And finally, Vermont Vows featured Liz & Jason’s Saltwater Farm Vineyard wedding as one of their National Real Weddings!!

Happy Tuesday friends!! And go pop some bubbly….taxes are OVER! Well y’know….until next year.

  1. Urška Majer

    Congrats on this gorgeous features!

  2. sharon elizabeth

    oh my gosh… my anxiety just went through the roof… what in the WORLD….

  3. Vanessa Chupp

    Oh my word reading that about your accountant definitely just made me feel some serious anxiety!! You two need to grab some wine and cuddle up on the couch to a funny movie tonight after the day and week you’ve had with those taxes!! ( i recommend "the heat" with sandra bullock and melissa mccarthy- Kyle and I watched it recently and it had us doubled over laughing the whole time haha) And cheers to those amazing features!! So awesome!!! I’m going to have to go grab a copy of the knot now to see it! :D xox-V

  4. Katelyn James

    congrats on the national knot you two!!! So fun!! Now I have a reason to pick up a copy!!:)

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