February 25, 2016

Feb Walk Through a Wedding Workshop Welcome Dinner


Happy Thursday you guys! We are gearing up for our BIG lighting webinar tonight at 8pm EST (it’s totally FREE to join…have you reserved your spot yet??) and we already have thousands (ahhhh!!! what??) of photographers signed up to join us  …so I’m getting really NERVOUS and contemplating just hiding under our bed!! That’s totally an option, right?? Deep breaths, deep breaths!

In the mean time, let’s not think about that by instead talking about the super fun welcome dinner we did for our Feb Walk Through a Wedding workshop attendees earlier this month! This is something we started doing several workshops back and we absolutely LOVE it! We asked ourselves, “What is the best way to love and serve a bunch of wedding creatives?” …and the answer was to give them the gorgeous styled reception dinner that we all never get to actually sit down at with weddings!! :) It’s also such a great chance for us to get to know each other, dispel any nerves, and go into Day 1 of the workshop already friends!

We host this dinner right in our home, and it’s QUITE the production to put on! There is a massive swap of our living room first into the styled dinner, and then after that’s over into the workshop set up for the next day. It takes a village, I tell you! I actually styled this one entirely myself (except for the custom place cards from Marigold Grey!) and I’m SO proud of how it turned out! Believe it or not, over the years of doing these workshops, we’ve accumulated things like linens, runners, and random gold antique pieces that we can put flowers in! Lol, our job is so funny!

For the dinner, we love to make that special! So we share some of our favorites from restaurants around New Haven (like the pear salad from Atticus and the hot apple cider fritters from Heirloom), and then we also cook part of the dinner too (with special family recipes like my Grandma Goldie’s green beans). We share a four course meal together (complete with a champagne cocktail hour) and then we wind up the night with some “team building” in the form of Heads Up! It’s pretty much the BEST EVER! :) Here are just a few photos from February’s welcome dinner & I’ll be sharing the full workshop recap SOON!













  1. Eve

    Hej Randi, det var sjovt at læse – arbejdstid 8-10 plus 18-19 og sÃ¥ meget ferie og helligdage :-)) Man burde jo bo i Spanien! Det er flotte billeder, du viser herunder fra din ferie, men trist at din oase hvor batteriene skulle genoplades var fotusvnder.

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