October 17, 2008

Feed me, Seymour!!

Hey Guys! So, we just noticed a big spike in people subscribing to the RSS feed for our old blog and we just wanted to make sure you guys weren’t subscribing to that one by mistake. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, there is an RSS link for the info for the new blog. And if you’re on Google Reader, just make sure you search for justinmarantz.com and NOT justinmarantz.blogspot.com. Ahhh the joys of technology!! :)

PS: 10 extra special super secret brownie points if you can name that pop culture reference in the title!!

  1. Vanessa Ard

    Little Shop of Horrors! Hahaha! I say that sometimes when I’m hungry!

  2. Krista Photography

    Little Shop of Horrors, of course! That was too easy ;)

  3. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    x3 — way TOO easy!

  4. Mary Marantz

    LOL! Ok, looks like I’m gonna have to challenge you ladies more!!

  5. Ann

    hahaha! We say that in my family ALL the time! …and I even named a fish Seymour, too ;) Glad to hear that someone else is as crazy as we are!

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