October 4, 2013

Finding Inspiration

A little while back, my really good friend Emilia sent me a link to this.

It’s the Life Magazine gallery of their favorite images from Jackie & JFK’s wedding, many of which had never been published before. And knowing me well and that I am a big fan of all things nostalgic, black & white and Jackie Kennedy in general…she knew that I would want to see it. And she was so right!

What she didn’t necessarily know though (or maybe she did…my friends are pretty amazing like that!) is exactly how much looking at these pictures would set my heart on fire. For they stand for so much of what I believe wedding photography should be, and more and more of what we strive to have in our own work every day.

They are…honest. Intimate, Iconic. Raw. Unforced. Unposed. Documentary, while at the same time telling a deeper story. They exist, uninterrupted, as if a photographer wasn’t even there.

They are…authentic. Organic. Both in that they unfold naturally, and that they themselves seem to actually be breathing with life. Each and every one was taken with a refusal to say “pretend.” And when I look at them, it makes me feel like I was there.

They are graceful. Understated, not needing anything more to make them beautiful. Elegant. Emotional. Enduring. Unbounded by the pressures to give in to the trends of the day. And therefore, as relevant today as the day that they were taken.

These pictures set my heart on fire. And they remind me of why we do what we do.

For this & for friends who know me so well…I am grateful.

**All photos credited to: Lisa Larsen, Time & Life Pictures, Getty Images

So tell me….what gets you fired up? What images remind you of what you want your own work to be? Where do you turn for inspiration? Leave us a note & we’ll pick one winner to win a $25 Starbucks card. Because coffee is also very inspiring. Obviously!

  1. trent

    this is probably one of my favorite weddings ever. I’ve long been inspired by this collection of images from their beautiful day. Some other wonderful places I turn for inspiration (not necessarily wedding photography) are other photographers i admire like William Klein, Bruce Weber, Rodney Smith and John Dolan.

  2. Kate

    Wow amazing! Love them all. All of them remind me of what I want to capture. The story! That when people look at my images they feel like they were there.

  3. Stefanie Morris

    I tend to find inspiration in magazines like Garden & Gun, and books. Mainly those that are historical fictions, where place is layered with characters, which is layered with heavy emotions. Kate Morton is my favorite author; she does it for me every time!

  4. sharon elizabeth

    what you don’t know…. is that the words you used to describ their wedding is how most of us view ‘justin and mary’….

    i think you’re already there and just haven’t realized it yet =)

    love youuuu!!!

  5. Rachel McCloud

    So beautiful and timeless. images of happy people in black and white get me fired up and remind me that that is why I am a photographer. :)

  6. Greta

    I LOVE this collection. It is so classic and simple. The photographer really caught the emotion from the day. Fantastic!

  7. Angela Snyder

    Man, they really understood light back then… for sure an inspiration and a stunning dress!

  8. Mariah Giles

    I have a love for all things vintage and classic. I love looking at images just like these. Beautiful.

  9. jamie

    I love the work of Vivian Maier and the fact that her stories were captured without another soul being cognizant of the art and feeling that traipsed through her shutter. She inspires me because it reminds me of the true reasons we should work on our craft- to fuel our own souls and create art. :) Other than that from wedding photographers YOU both inspire me!

  10. Emilia Jane

    Love you

  11. Laura

    Ohhh my goodness that photo of JFK talking to the flower girl. And the one of Jackie walking down the stairs. So, so stunning. I’m always fascinated to see candid photos from an era when it was the style to be ‘posed,’ unlike nowadays when everyone is actively trying to be photojournalistic… it seems to be this serendipitous, precious thing. Thank you for sharing these, Mary.

  12. Lanye Bush

    I absolutely love these images. There’s just something about them that grabs me!

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