April 22, 2014

Five Things #2

Today we are on a plane, bound for Antigua! There are frosty beverages, clear blue water & white sandy beaches in our future.

In honor of that, here is the latest edition of Five Things that are making up our lives lately.

{Our office for the next week or so. Yea, I guess we’ll make do!! :) }

{I call this look “Island Prep.” Anybody else totally digging Gwynneth’s outfit?}

{My love language is honey drizzled ricotta crostinins. And plates with words written on them. Am I the only one that has a mild obsession with plates with words written on them.}

{Our dog sleeps like a human. On his side, with his head on a pillow. What a weirdo! :) We sure are going to miss this fluffy face!}

{In case you’ve ever wondered how we travel with all our lighting gear when we go for destinations shoots.}

PS: Our latest Profoto video is out all about shooting the bridal details and you can watch it HERE!

Happy Wednesday!

  1. Urška Majer

    Have a great time in Antigua! And i love that outfit!! :)

  2. Christy Tyler

    YAY! Can’t wait to instagram stalk you all while you’re in Antigua! Wish we didn’t have a wedding, or we’d be there!!! Can’t wait to see the pics!!!!

  3. Caty

    Are you staying at Sandals? That’s where we honeymooned and it was hands down the best 9 days ever. So beautiful!

  4. Tonya Damron

    happy my dog isn’t the only weirdo

  5. Katie

    Have fun in Antigua!!!!! Watching those Profoto videos is great… its funny to see you two shooting Canon! :P xox

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