October 13, 2011

Four Years

The morning of our wedding, he sent me a Starbucks coffee.

He had the concierge bring it up, so here was this guy with white gloves and gold buttons holding a cardboard cup. And looking pretty confused about it too. But Justin just has this way of talking anybody into anything, so instead of asking he just nodded his head and said Miss Bess…..your coffee.

It was a grande. Warm. And on the side of the cup he had written, I love you a latte.

And that in a nutshell is what it is to be married to Justin. It’s warm….and familiar. Comfortable. But at the same time, it’s always an adventure and you never know what’s coming next. And he just has this way of making even the smallest day to day gestures grand. And always, no matter what, making sure I have everything I need just when I need it. All while loving me a whole lot.

And yes, while working in a great pun here & there too.

Justin, every day I find a reason to love you even more. You are my best friend, my closest confidant. Sometimes when we’re sitting next to each other, I forget where I end and you begin. And nothing has ever made me happier.

These are the days, the time is now.

**Photo courtesy of our good friend Amanda Herzberger

  1. Christy

    Awww!!! Happy Anniversary you two!!!

  2. Abby Grace

    I love it when my husband gives me thoughtful gifts that speak more to who we are than to how big his wallet is. Best birthday present ever? A feather quill pen. Because he knew I wanted one. Happy anniversary!

  3. Jen O

    "Love you Latte" – Cute. Gotta love a good pun :)

    Happy Anniversary you two!

  4. Jessica

    So cute! Happy anniversary!

  5. Sir Jeremy

    I need that scene on film. Thanks.

  6. Sophia

    As a photographer I follow you guys for your imagery and insights. As a woman I follow you for your love. I love to read these special moments and the puns…what is life without puns? For they bring laughter. Thanks for sharing

  7. Shefali Lindsey

    Happy Anniversary, Justin and Mary!!! Here is to four down and one million and one more to go (b/c that is naturally how long ya’ll will live for). Much love from KC! xoxo.

  8. MacKenzie

    Congratulations! Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds.

  9. Elizabeth & Ryan | Elizabeth Ryan Photography

    You two are incredible! Happy Anniversary!!!! Such a happy day to celebrate your love!!! Enjoy every minute of it!

  10. Deji

    Beautiful! Happy Anniversary & many, many more! :-)

  11. michelle

    Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many many many more years to come!

  12. Elaine

    That was seriously sweet. You totally just made me tear up. Happy Anniversary you two!!

  13. ajira

    Happy Anniversary! You two are such a love-filled couple… wish you ever more joy, laughter and warmth!

  14. Alison

    A very happy anniversary to you both and raising my coffee cup to many many more.

  15. Susan

    "I love you a latte"? Love that line! Happy Anniversary to you two!

  16. Isaac Stott

    Your guys love for each other is such a beautiful thing to see! Thank you for sharing with all of us and may God bless you abundantly today and always!

  17. Lesley

    happy anniversary loves!! you both look gorgeous on that day and now!

  18. Elizabeth

    Happy Anniversary…here’s to many more years.

  19. Jamie

    Aww! Happy Anniversary!

  20. Wendy Wilson

    Aw, best post ever!! What an amazing advernture… and just think of the journey ahead too! Happy Anniversary to you guys!

  21. Asha Lea

    This almost brought tears to my eyes. So happy for you guys! Happy anniversary.

  22. Ciiku

    AWWWW! Sweetest!
    Happy Anniversary!

  23. Maya

    Happy anniversary to such an inspiring couple!

  24. Jennifer

    I about teared up at work. Mary that is the cutest post ever! Congrats on 4 years to you guys. Thank you for sharing & being an inspiration.

  25. Candace

    Beautiful!! Happy Anniversary you two!! :)

  26. Christa Hann

    Happy Anniversary :) Love that photo of you!

  27. talia

    love it. happy anniversary you two!

  28. Erin

    Happy anniversary!

  29. Alice G Patterson

    Happy Anniversary! Love this photo of you two… so romantic.

  30. Sarah Heinle

    Happy Anniversary.

  31. Heather Colt

    Love you guys!! Happy anniversary!

  32. Sindy

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  33. Kristin

    That is so sweet. Congrats!

  34. Karen Stott

    Happy Anniversary!!! And Holy MOLY!!!! You look EXQUISITE!!!!!!!! Your dress is killer! xoxo

  35. steve depino

    wow how time flies…Happy anniversary guys!
    P.S. sorry I missed out on the bowling …we need to hang out soon!

  36. Stephanie Stewart

    Hope you had a wonderful anniversary! You two are such a cute, sweet pair, I adore you both!

  37. kati

    Happy Anniversary you two! May you have many more wonderful years to come!

  38. Kristen Barrante

    "I love you a latte"….that seriously made me all teary eyed. You guys are too cute!

  39. Amanda Herzberger

    Happy happy happy memories. Love to you both and can’t wait to see you next week :) xxoo

  40. LEOLAK

    The love you latte line…adorable. Happy Anniversary!!!

  41. Ray

    Happy 4-year Wedding Anniversary, Justin & Mary! =D Your love is truly extrodinary. Thank you for writing about it, for sharing it with us. Here’s to 56 more years of bliss!!!! <3<3<3

  42. Jessie Emeric

    I’m a little late but wanted to wish you belated happy anniversary! Lots of love from us to you :)

  43. Lydia

    You two are a match made in heaven!

  44. Brooke Summer Photography

    I’m late and behind in my blog reading, but happy anniversary! :)

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