December 10, 2015

Free e-book: Making the Most of Your Off Season!!


Today is the official first day of our “off season.” We have been looking forward to & counting down the days to December 10th for the past three months and now it’s here!! Whoo hoo!!! While we have LOVED the past year and all of the amazing opportunities and adventures that it has brought us, we are also really excited to just be home, and rest, and breathe.

This is also a great time for us to make progress on all those growing things with our business that we never quite got around to when we were just cranking things out the past few weeks. As you guys know, there comes a point in the season where you just put your head down & get things done. And then there comes a time to get back to working on the really BIG dreams. The ones that take time and space to dream crazy dreams and sketch out goals to getting there. That is maybe what I’m most excited about for these next few weeks. Well that and the chance to watch ALL the Christmas movies!

If you are finding yourself at the beginning of your off-season and not sure what to do with it to really grow your business, we have exciting news because our awesome friends at Shoot Dot Edit have put together a FREE ebook all about it …including an entire marketing section from us! And it also includes tips on workflow, systems, SEO & blogging too! You can grab your free copy for the next few days by heading over HERE!!




  1. Denise Karis

    ohhhh thank you! <3 Excited to read!

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