May 19, 2015

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On a wedding day- even the most perfectly planned, perfectly scheduled, perfectly intentioned wedding day- stuff happens & if you aren’t prepared, it can go down hill FAST! In our years of shooting together, here are just a few things that we’ve seen happen:

* We were scheduled to have two hours for portraits until one of the seven priests for the ceremony ran two hours late…and we ended up with only 7 minutes to shoot the couple AND the entire bridal party.

*We were supposed to have two and half hours to shoot the details at a multi-million dollar wedding that the planner wanted to get published in a big time magazine. But when the makeup ran two hours late, we were left with 6 and a half minutes to shoot the entire room.

*We went in to a wedding day with not a drop of snow on the ground, and got three FEET before the night was over.

*We had to shoot the entire getting ready in a Sunday School store room packed full of STUFF.

*We’ve had to shoot ALL of the portraits in the dark when the couple didn’t want to see each other before a winter wedding.

*We’ve had to shoot in the darkest cathedral you’ve ever seen without flash.

*We’ve had a flash flood wash out the road to the ceremony and suddenly have to move everything inside.

*We’ve had “sunset ceremonies” run late and become “pitch black darkness” ceremonies

*We’ve had an arctic blast of chilly freezing air turn an hour long portrait session into 5 minutes.

*We’ve had an entire timeline get thrown off when the wedding party got caught in a parade on their way to the ceremony.

In other words, we’ve seen a LOT. As I’m sure a lot of us have (or will before it’s all said & done!) But the question is not how do you just get by in those situations. The question is, how do you have the right tools, strategy & knowledge to be able to still ROCK those situations and get the kind of remarkable images that people go crazy over. To turn what could have been a disaster into a complete 180 to get some of your best images EVER.


So when we got asked by our good friend Jared Bauman to do another webinar with him & Shoot Dot Edit, we knew exactly what we wanted it to be about. Not just sliding by in those situations by the skin of your teeth, but actually thriving under that pressure to create something truly remarkable. So THAT’S what we’re going to be talking about: some of our toughest shooting conditions ever, and step by step, how we turned them into some of our biggest WINS! We’re going to be talking through our exact posing & lighting strategies that turned into:

*An image that went viral on Facebook & got 25,000 likes overnight
* That wedding where we only had 6 and half minutes to shoot the details, how we shot them so that no one ever knew, and the major print magazine it got featured in.
*A full collection of beautiful photos of both couple & bridal party shot in only 7 minutes
* One of our best weddings EVER that was shot entirely inside & in the dark!
*And more!

So if Shooting Stand Out Imagery in even the TOUGHEST of Situations is something you would like to learn more about, then we would love for you to join us for a FREE webinar we are doing on May 27th at 1pm EST with Shoot Dot Edit! All you have to do to join, is to head HERE to register. But do make sure you do that part! Space is limited & the last one we did with these guys totally sold out and people couldn’t get in, so make sure to grab your spot now!


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