October 29, 2012

Frelinghuysen Arboretum Wedding: Nathalie & Tim

She sat in a pin tucked chair with her chin in her mama’s hands….and she cried. Happy tears. I can’t believe it’s here tears. Whew, this is all happening really really fast tears. But above all, they were today I’m marrying the love of my life tears. In a room in her childhood home, she cried like she loves: without holding back. And when the tears were dry, what remained was love.

He stood at the front of an aisle as she walked in on her mama’s arm….and he smiled. A happy smile. An I can’t believe she’s really mine smile. A whew, I want her to get to me really really fast smile. But above all, it was an I’m about to marry the love of my life smile. In front of their friends and family, he smiled like he loves: with his whole heart. And when the vows were said and the party was over….

What remained was love.

Married: Nathalie & Tim

Nathalie & Tim were married on a perfect October day with just the right mix of soft, gray skies and golden light peeking out at the very end. It was a day when Nathalie was missing her dad very much, and yet love remained. His love for her, their families love for the both of them, and her love for Tim. Love was the theme of the day. And we were just the ones lucky enough to be there to capture it. Nathalie & Tim we are so grateful for you guys and your friendship and our mutual love of quoting Will Ferrel movies. I’m so thankful for Tiffany & Frank and Francie & Chris for introducing us to you, and I feel like one big reunion dinner is in order for all of us once things settle down! :) My hope is that you will love like this always….with your whole heart, without holding back, and always with a love that remains.

So much love,

  1. Blair

    Gorgeous photography. Leaves me breathless!

  2. Susan Evans

    Love the softness of all the bridal prep photos. J&M I’m worried about you – have you been able to dodge Sandy? Saying a prayer for your safety!

  3. Rosie @ LoveLuxe Blog

    Wow, what a beautiful location! Love the images – especially the black and white ones, lots of emotion, just lovely.

  4. Girish

    Absolutely beautiful.

  5. Stephanie Stewart

    Soo sweet and soo beautiful! Love this wedding!

  6. Kari Jeanne

    I am just beyond in love with your images lately – the overall feeling and emotion you capture is unbelievable. Amazing.

  7. katie yuen

    absolutely beautiful!

  8. Jil

    since you’re posting I imagine you weathered the storm ok! beautiful images as always. We are thinking about you and hoping you’re safe!!

  9. sharon elizabeth

    editorial wedding photography…. at its BEST.. seriously — ya’ll NAILED this!!!!

  10. LEOLAK

    Wow! Stunning!!! The couple, the details…the images! Her coming down the aisle? Beautiful!!!

  11. Caitlin Sullivan


  12. Debi Dinstman

    My son Tim,and Nathalie, I couldnt be happier. Every mothers hope is that her children will find a wonderful spouse . You make that dream a reality for me.

  13. Nancy

    Gorgeous, love the interaction between the people. You captured so much love here.

  14. Jennie Kelly

    These photos are incredible! You really captured a beautiful couple so well on their special day!

  15. Theresa McLaughlin

    Nathalie and Timothy Lopresti wedding photographs are Beautiful!!

  16. Lydia

    ahhh! these are so stunning! :) They look like they belong in a movie.

  17. Marisol

    Gorgeous, you guys look great. Love the black and white ones.

  18. Rosie

    AMAZING!!! I got all choked up all over again looking at your photos! I am sharing on facebook too, with a newly engaged friend looking for a photographer! Love you guys, Congrats again Mr. & Mrs. Lopresti!!!!

  19. mary

    These photos are amazing! Nathalie you look so beautiful! I love you both!

  20. Dominique

    can’t wait to see the rest, these are amazing! congratulations!

  21. Rici

    Very impressive, beautifully captured! Love the kids next to the car picture!!!

  22. Megan

    LOVE! This happens to be my best friend and I’m so happy she has gorgeous photos like these to capture how beautiful her day was.

  23. Tiffany DiCarlo

    Oomggg soo beautiful and classic! What beautiful pictures to remember such a beautiful day.. Congrats again to Nathalie and Tim love frank and Tiffany xoxo

  24. Andrea

    You look stunning. Congratulations on your happy day!

  25. Ketsia

    you look very beautyful!!! may God bless you two abondantly!!!!!!

  26. Jessica

    Nat! You looked gorgeous! Congrats to you and Tim! Love you both! :)

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