June 21, 2013

Friday Giveaway! Think Tank Photo

Happy Friday! After zipping through airports this past week on our trip to Minneapolis, its hard to imagine how we ever traveled with our gear before we had our Think Tank Airport International bags. There are a few pieces of gear that give me the peace of mind knowing that I have everything I need, organized, protected, and secure. Our two bags were one of the best investments we’ve ever made in our equipment.

So in honor of Think Tank we’re going to be giving away a few of their amazing accessories today! Just leave a comment below for your chance to win a set including a Think Tank card holder, non slip camera strap and a battery holder

To enter just leave us a comment in the box below & we’ll be announcing a winner early next week! Happy Friday y’all!

  1. Maggie McBride

    What a great giveaway! Thank you, guys!

  2. diana p

    i really need to buy an international bag! but would love to win the accessories!

  3. Mia Bjerring

    Thank you guys for doing this giveaway! A ThinkTank bag is definitely on my wish list to keep my gear secure!

    Have an amazing weekend! :)

  4. Mia Bjerring

    Thank you guys for doing this giveaway! A ThinkTank bag is definitely on my wish list to keep my gear secure!

    Have an amazing weekend! :)

  5. Mia Bjerring

    Thank you guys for doing this giveaway! A ThinkTank bag is definitely on my wish list to keep my gear secure!

    Have an amazing weekend! :)

  6. Trevor

    Thanks for the free giveaway, I would like to win.

  7. Suzanne Henderson

    Think tank products rock! and so do Justin and Mary!!!!! Thanks for a generous giveaway!

  8. Nancy Barnhart

    What a great idea for traveling!
    I LOVE your work!!!!!


  9. Amy Peckins

    Card holder?? Yes, please! You are awesome :)

  10. Alison

    Ooh! I think you guys are the bees knees :)

  11. Deney

    Hey J&M,

    Wondering if you guys can recommend a good/affordable film camera. Looking into a couple of things online and im overwhelmed.


  12. Kristen Green Brigham

    Being more organized-Yes please!!

  13. Mary B

    Love Think Tank!

  14. Kinzie

    I’ve been listing after the think tank bags lately as I’ve been traveling more and more for shoots. How dreamy!

  15. Kinzie

    Especially as I’ve been traveling more for shoots, I’ve been lusting after a thinktank bag. How dreamy they are!

  16. Kinzie

    Especially as I’ve been traveling more for shoots, I’ve been lusting after a thinktank bag. How dreamy they are!

  17. sharon elizabeth

    ooooh how did i not know there were such things as battery holders… so you mean no more ziplock baggies!?!?! #imghetto

  18. Stephanie Rita

    i had a scare at the airport last weekend. tsa found "chemicals" on my antique camera bag?! i was like ‘what?!’ thankfully it was ok and i got to my flight on time. anyways because of all that, i’d LOVE to win this!! -stephanie

  19. Marcie Stoffer

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Abbey Bradshaw

    I LOVE my think tank bags! I recently got the battery holder and its awesome. I definitely need to get more!

  21. Laura

    Agh I’ve been lusting after an airport international bag ever since I saw them at a tradeshow back in college! Have fun in Minneapolis :)

  22. Libby McGowan

    I would LOVE the card holder!! I used one second shooting last weekend and I felt so much more organized then my normal stash in the pocket method! Think Tank Rocks!

  23. Dallas Curow

    This is a wonderful giveaway! Have a great weekend, guys.

  24. Dannielle P

    Thank you for doing a giveaway! Every photographer needs organization!

  25. Elizabeth Ann King

    Oh how i love this!!! I have been wanting a memory card holder so bad! would love to win.

  26. Will C.

    Keep up the good work on the posts and updates!

  27. Erica

    I LOVE think tank products! I hope to get the airport bag at some point!

  28. Julia

    Happy first day of Summer!

  29. Autumn

    I am in love with think tank after looking at everything in detail at Justin & Mary’s Workshop. Can I get a little love in Chi-town?

  30. Allison

    Love that card holder! Think Tank has so many amazing products! Thanks for the giveway, J&M :)

  31. Lydia

    You guys are awesome! Would love to win your giveaway!

  32. Dawn Clydesdale

    ThinkTank accessories look like they would be very helpful! Love your Pancake Sessions.

  33. kim misiaszek

    thanks- i love your posts

  34. Allison

    Ooh, cool give away! Count me in.

  35. Karen Bonar

    LOVE their card holder! Need to check into that battery holder!

  36. Shayla Greene

    Oh this would be amazing for my trip to Scotland!!

  37. Rhonda Bowman

    ooohhh – I lovvveeee Think Tank -I’d lovvvvveeee to be picked to win! I never win anything!!

  38. Anthony Marshall

    I love think tank I hope I win!

  39. kaitlyn phipps

    you guys are the best! and so is think tank!

  40. Lauri Hill

    Love your blog!!! I would love to win a think tank camera strap!

  41. Trude

    These would be super handy, thanks for doing this! Happy Friday to you guys too!

  42. Jackie Lamas

    that card holder is such awesome thingy on wedding days!

  43. kat marcum

    OH! I would love these! Almost bought that CF card holder- Hope to win it!

  44. Emily Dale Gungon

    i would really like to win this giveaway. I love travelling specially here in the phillipines and its a hassle going through your luggage searching for your cam battery so this would really be a BIG help :)

  45. Kaila Thomas

    Oh my, what a blessing this will be for the winner! :) Your work is truly amazing. I love reading your blog!

  46. Alisa

    Justin commented on how I need to purchase a new travel equipment bag at the MA lighting intensive last summer. Guess what? Still on my "To Get" list. Soon I hope!

  47. Janice Day

    Would love to win one of these! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  48. Ash B

    Thanks for the opportunity! I’ve been eyeing that card holder lately.

  49. colleen

    what???!!!! I love Think Tank. I love you guys, too :-)

  50. Andrea Simmons

    I’ve never heard of these – looks great!

  51. Lelia Marie

    Ooooh Think Tank card holder! So nice :-)

  52. Gabrielle Halle

    Think Tank is definitely on my list of investments! Count me in!

  53. kara abbey

    agh this would be so cool!! Justin & Mary ya’ll are SO ridiculously generous – it’s so encouraging to me :D

  54. Caili

    You guys are so generous! My heroes.

  55. Ethan H

    Oooo.. me please! thank you very much! :)

  56. Eline Jacobine

    Hey you two!! Love your style, and hope to see you at a workshop in Europe veeeeery soon=) Keep up the good work! Smiles from Norway

  57. Char

    I need a new camera strap and would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  58. Amanda logiodice

    I’ll be flying across the US this summer and would live some think tank to travel with :)

  59. ed baumgarten

    What’s not to love….can’t get enough ThinkTank!

  60. Stuart Murray

    Love think tanks stuff the card holder is awesome. Great blog!!

  61. sharon

    Think tank rules !!!

  62. Jimmy Thigpen

    bring on the goodies!

  63. Jim

    That’d be great, I really need a better way to organise my SD cards!

  64. Scott

    Love thinktank! Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. J.D.

    ThinkTank sure makes some cool stuff that is useful too!

  66. tara

    i love this pick me! :)

  67. Mike Swiech

    Nice and informative blog. Love Think Tank Photo as well. :D

  68. Kevin

    TTP and giveaway. Best combo ever!

  69. George

    I just found out about your blog from Think Tank.

  70. Nuno Capelo

    great giveaway, Think Tanks bags are awesome.

  71. Graham Washbourne

    Think, think, think………TANK !

  72. eric

    Hope you have a great day.

  73. Diego Escalante Urrelo

    Great stuff. ThinkTank rocks. I wonder if you have any comment on the strap versus the standard ones. I don’t use mine much because of how the hard fabric keeps folding in a way that hits right into my eye.

  74. Samantha Hare

    The perfect gear for travelling! :)

  75. Jeff Skurkis

    Stumbled across your blog today. Already bookmarked and I have a lot to catch up on. Great giveaway – Think Tank rocks!

  76. Tom Barnwell

    The camera strap would nicely complement my new G15!

  77. marcel bauer

    lovin think tank, just ordered my first bag urban disguise 30, cannot wait, would love these accessories to go with it.

  78. Barb

    Loving my new city walker bag. Would love to win some accessories.

  79. Barb

    Would love to win these think tank accessories! Just bought the city walker bag. Lovin it!

  80. Ty Cobb

    Beautiful photos, love the "old school" look

  81. Kim Morgan

    Love your work!

  82. Varun

    Love your work!

  83. Tim Graves

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love ThinkTank stuff, and look forward to being able to add more to my kit.

  84. chava

    Beautiful creations. would love to win

  85. Rob Snavely

    Think Tank ROCKS!!! Best gear bags and accessories on the planet. And I could really use another Pixel Pocket Rocket. Thanks!

  86. Nilesh Soni

    Think tank makes the coolest products, I would love to get these and use it regularly.

  87. Kevin Jones

    Thanks you thank you thank you!

  88. Jonathan Gilmour

    Awesome brand, I’ll always trust Think Tank to protect my gear!

  89. Hani

    I like your banner Justin, very artistic. The card holder is very useful for me. Thanks.

  90. Apple Hermino

    Thank you for sharing your photography insights on your blog & thank you for the Think Tank giveaways! I just hope you ship also in Bahrain :D

  91. Richard

    The airport bags are the best. Don’t leave home without one!!

  92. Eric Ferguson

    You two continue to be great inspiration for me and for other photographers as well! Oh, and I love Think Tank stuff!!

  93. Ashley B

    Love Think Tank! Always A go-to for travel!

  94. Meredith Sledge

    Oh my goodness!!! I need all of these things! What a perfect giveaway! Thanks Justin and Mary!

  95. Larry Zicherman

    Boy, I sure would like to finally win one of these things!

  96. Jonathan Yeap

    I use TT Airport International too! Way to go guys!!!

  97. Caroline

    Great giveaway! Have always wanted to try out Think Tank!

  98. Tiffany Bolk

    Ooh la la! Thanks so much for coming to Minneapolis!

  99. kayla :)

    ooh lala!!!! how exciting! I don’t own anything from think tank …. yet! :)

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