May 24, 2012

Friday Meet & Greet: Roll Call!!

Happy Friday friends!!

Today we have the perfect way to kick off your weekend. We recently saw the idea for a meet & greet over on our friend Promise Tangeman‘s amazing blog (definitely add her to your list if she’s not already on it!), and totally loved it! So… we decided to steal it! :) Here we go!!

Stand up & be counted!
Tell us your 1// Name, 2// What you do (for a living or for fun), 3// any links you want (Facebook,Twitter, website) and 4// anything else you us to know!

And if you need help getting started on what to say, you can just weigh in on the following “this or that’s.” Tell us which ones you like better!!

Ryan v. Ryan

Ice cream or cupcakes (thank goodness we live in a world where we don’t actually have to choose! Can I get an AMEN??)

Dream vacation: Tropical sandy beach or Old World Charm

Which one scares you more: Nikki Minaj or Toddlers & Tiaras?? I’d say it’s a dead tie.

Also before we send you off smiling into the weekend, there are a couple of matters of business to take care of!

*This coming Wednesday, May 30th we will be hosting a one hour FREE Live Video Chat here on the blog starting at 6pm EST. So be sure to mark your calendars! We will be spending the whole hour taking & answering your questions, so if you have any questions you already know of feel free to leave them in the comment box below. And we would love it if you would help us spread the love by spreading the word on fb & twitter!
** Speaking of the wonderful Promise Tangeman, we are ready to announce the WINNER of her SiteHouse Design giveaway that she did for us while we were away!! A HUGE congratulations goes out to Marivelle Baumgarten!! And we also have the winner of Julia’s Home Depot giveaway…..Kathryn Denelle Stevens!! Both of you can just shoot us an email at and we’ll get you all set up!

Happy Friday, y’all!

  1. Spring

    1. Spring Smith (soon to be McKeneny).
    2. I take pictures
    3.,,, twitter: @SpringSStudios
    4.Ryan #1 please :) ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!, Old World Charm (we are going to Scotland on our honeymoon), Toddlers & Tiaras- I lived in TX and actually took pageant photos of 5 year olds in 6lbs of make up… talk about scary.

  2. Megan

    Why hello there! My name is Megan Mueller and I absolutely LOVE photographing portraits, weddings and aspire to get published in Anthropologie & JCrew one day…*huge sigh*
    And since you asked, here are my this or that decisions! This was a hard one, but I’m gonna go with Reynolds, cupcakes, venice, and minaj! Let’s be friends >>FB: >> T: @meganmmueller. Thanks Justin & Mary for making my friday a little more exciting! ;)

  3. Angela Grim & Radoj Glisik

    Hello Hello, Radoj and I would like to say we just love your photography and all you do for those out there that need the pointers and advice! My photography has developed in leaps and bounds since I met you guys at the Columbus conference and I CAN NOT say THANK YOU enough!!
    As for the this and that:
    Ryan A (love the blue in his eyes)
    WE both are gluten and lactose intolerant so we will opt for coconut milk ice-cream (if you have not tried it OMG do so it is banging)
    We recently toured Europe so right now I would say Tropical would be next on the list!!
    And I love Nikki personally because she is never afraid to do whatever she But those babies in make-up will need so much therapy so that is definitely what worries/scares me.
    As for ourselves we run two companies. One is an Advertising Co. and a photography business which is my baby! We can only aspire to do great things with both, but you two are truly an inspiration and we (specially me) can not say Thank You enough for always sharing. You guys always keep it classy and elegant, which is wonderful and refreshing in an industry of fads and cliches! Thanks again!
    Have a wonderful day!!
    Angela & Radoj

  4. Sandra Fazzino Photography

    What a fun idea! Here I go: My name is Sandra Fazzino. I’m a portrait and wedding photographer as well as a non-profit co-founder. My work can be seen here: and my banter and random updates can be seen here: The only thing left I would like to say is thank you to M&J for sharing your positive energy and good vibes with the photo community. XO

  5. Alison D

    Love this idea, glad you borrowed it! 1. Alison Douglass 2. Mom, litigation paralegal & photographer. 3. My comment has the link to my blog. Facebook:!/pages/Alison-Douglass-Photography/148661463847 Twitter: @adouglassphoto 4. We are also getting my husbands dream business up and going, so our house is a flurry of business! My 13 year old quotes state regulations and appears to have a knack for marketing and my 7 year old is all about coming up with slogans! Thanks for doing this guys!

  6. jackie g.

    MM….i just saw a recipe on Pinterest for ICE CREAM CUPCAKES!!! AND YES…I’M YELLING!!! :)

  7. athena

    Bonjour, amies! Athena Pelton. I do a little bit of everything (photography, sewing, knitting, crafting, writing), but officially I office in a cube farm and suffer "The Grind." I’d love to all ALL of you since new friends are sort of my favorite. w) click on my name! f) t)@athenapelton (same on instagram!) This or That: Gosling, for sure. Cupcakes WITH Ice cream (it’s just mean to make me choose). BOTH – I’ll take Santorini and get old world and the ocean :) and how about two toddlers singing Nikki Minaj (via the Ellen Show)? It’s sad how adorable that actually was, though. Technically I can’t choose as the lesser of two evils is still, well, evil. What else do I want folks to know?? I use sarcasm as a crutch, make bad jokes when I’m uncomfortable (Hi, I’m Chandler Bing!), hate double standards, have unrealistic expectations for myself, and long to publish a novel. I heart this community of photographers and feel remarkably blessed to be a part of it. Keep rockin’, all of you. xxoo

  8. Michelle

    Goodmorning! Have been a huge fan since I sat teary eyed during your presentation at WPPI this year. Love reading your posts – always makes me feel and think. I am a full time labor and delivery nurse, with a newborn photography side business that I would love to be my full time business…sigh – someday :) Love facebook and how it connects us all – here is me –!/pages/Michelle-Burke-Photography/329772250373883. You put up some wonderful food for thought this am but my choices would be Ryan A., cupcakes always!, beach and toddlers (being the mom of a 5 year old who aspires to be a "princess"). As usual – thanks for being an constant inspiration :)

  9. Kari Jeanne

    LOVE THIS! Hi, I’m Kari – Jeanne is my middle name but I never go by it :) I do as much photography as possible and a smattering of other part time jobs to keep me even more busy. I just created my fb page not too long ago – and I think you already know this, but I SUPER love you guys and meeting you one day is on my bucket list!! Oh and Gosling for sure, he won me over in Breaker High ;)

  10. Kenny Naquin

    Hello J & M,

    Ive been following your blog for a while now. Actually dont even know how i can accross it but glad i did. You guys are so talented.

    What I DO: Full time web designer, part time photographer. 2 hats!!!


    Home Town: Destrehan, LA

    As well as my other two hats, full time husband and father of 2.

    Want to go just full time photographer but have yet to take the leap.

    Have a 5 family portrait marathon tommorow spanning 8 hours in beautiful New Orleans City Park, woo hoo. Super pumped.

    As father as this and that:
    1st Ryan, great actor.
    Definitly Toddlers.

    You guys rock and wish I could meet you guys in person one day.

  11. ashley barnett

    Ashley! I’m a full time wedding photographer (as of this week last year!) My facebook is and my twitter is @abarnettphoto. And the only question I’m answer is the only one that matters- Ryan Gosling, duh. Any man that can have his own "hey girl" internet meme is firmly placed in my heart forever hahaha.

  12. Sasha Norgaard

    1)Hey guys, I’m Sasha! 2)I just graduated with degree in psychology, aspiring photographer and makeup artist in Toronto, Canada 3) my twitter is @De_Sasha 4) J+M are my inspiration for all things love and all things beautiful and meeting you is on my list of big audacious scary dreams. I want to be able to photograph relationships and individuals as real as they come in this extraordinarily huge world. I have lived ALL over the globe(literally) and yearn to the capture every form of universal love. Thankyou thankyou : )

  13. Jackie Lamas

    1// Jackie Lamas. 2//I photograph weddings and portraits and for fun I ride my harley! 3//,, 4//I love this idea and you guys rock! And it’s Gosling by a long shot with some ice cream in an old world charmed city, and both are pretty scary!

  14. Jessie Emeric

    My name is Jessie Emeric//I’m a wedding photographer & mommy of 2 working alongside the love of my life// two have been so inspirational to our business and journey & I’m so grateful. PS. I finally found my BHAG & would love to know what you think about it. Can I email you?

  15. Jil

    1) Jil Simon; 2) summer associate/law student extraordinaire; 3) I’m horrible with celeb names, but I liked the guy on the right in the Proposal; 4) banana pudding ice cream pie (the best of all worlds); 5) Scotland is always my choice destination; 6) I don’t know who either of those people are, but they are both pretty frightening. I hope you guys have AWESOME memorial day plans!!! <3

  16. Alicia Haskew

    My name is Alicia Haskew, I am a lifestyle baby photographer and for fun, I am a beach bum. t: /aliciahaskew, and Ryan Reynolds, cannot choose b/w ice cream and cupcakes, but definitely the beach, and both are equally scary!

  17. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth / office adminstrator with a navy contractor cool work but dreaming of becoming a photographer /no links (yet) / I love animals and help transport dogs and kitties from high kill shelters to rescues and am a advocate for the ADOPT not SHOP movement / love ghost hunting and have tons of experiences / family tree research.

  18. Bethany Ann

    My name is Bethany Ann. I’m a full-time photographer & cat mom. My new last name (of nearly two years) has "art" in it – Stuart. My maiden name is the name of your fur-baby – Cooper! I don’t know why I felt compelled to tell you that, but oh well! ;) Something else about me?? I love lemonheads, iPhones, fearless brides, and anything royal blue. :)

    Oh, and I love reading your blog. :)

    Here are my links:

    I hope you have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!

  19. Kathleen

    My name is Kathleen Carey. I just recently (as in, 3 weeks ago) graduated from college and will be going to grad school in the fall to get a Master’s degree in social work. I have always loved photography but have recently felt a push to pursue it more, so I’m trying to learn as much as I can by following blogs like yours and hopefully taking a class or two. Anyway, hands down I’d have Ryan Reynolds’ babies over Ryan Gosling’s. I adore mint chocolate chip ice cream (but my love for cupcakes comes very close!), I would love to take a tropical vacation, and I can’t stand Nicki Minaj or Toddlers and Tiaras! So that’s just a little bit about me! Hopefully you’ll see more of me in the future with a fun photo blog and a little business! :)

  20. Shannon Rosan

    Hello! I’m Shannon Rosan. Full time photographer and recovering fashion addict :) Well…recovering may be a stretch. When I’m not obsessing over shopping, you can find me enjoying life with my husband and our two boston terriers. Who may or may not cause absolute chaos and destruction, and get away with it because they are so gosh darn cute :) I’d love for you to follow on Twitter/@srosan or Much Love to Justin & Mary!!

  21. Paul Manke

    I’m Paul Manke. I am a wedding and portrait photographer. J&M are a couple that I thank for being my heroes and inspiration. I had to take some time off from photography, but by keeping focus, help from J&M and a very supportive partner, I went from nothing to having 200 current clients!! I am back in the game and J&M can take a lot of credit for my new found success! I love you guys! You mean the world to me!!

  22. Christa Hann

    Hey everyone! I’m Christa! I’m currently on maternity leave from a day job but going fulltime with photography in Sept instead of returning to said day job ….eeek! also am I the ONLY Ryan Reynolds fan left? I heart him! I also pick cupcakes, it’s a tie between beach and old world charm, and Toddlers&Tiaras…I still can’t believe that show exists.

  23. Lydia

    1// Lydia
    2// Wedding and senior portrait photography, barista
    4// Ice cream and old world charm!

  24. Ciiku

    Hi J & M. My name is Ciiku [pronounced Shiko]. I am a banker and live in Kenya. My husband is a photographer. I blog @

    Ryan Gosling hands down/ Ice Cream/ Beach/ Have never watched Toddlers and Tiaras so I will go with Nikki Minaj.

  25. Tifffany Bolk

    Hello! I’m Tiffany and I’ve been following your blog for over a year now! I’m always inspired by your positivity! I am a wedding, family and child photographer in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Minnesota area and I LOVE it! I am also a part-time bartender. My links are:,,!/tiffanybolk I also love gardening and animals, especially my big black furry cat Francis! This or That: Ryan Gosling all the way! Drooling… Life would just be easier if he didn’t exist! Cupcakes. I can’t decide on the travel destination, both. And definitely Toddlers and Tiaras! It’s just wrong! Have a lovely day! Love you guys!

  26. Amy Dawson

    GOOD MORNING !!!! I am a mom, wife, and a 911 police dispatcher. My good news is I am also an up and coming photographer. I have been photographing families for a couple of years, and this summer marks my transition into wedding photography ! I am soooo out of control excited for what the future holds! We live out in the "county" aka an island attached to the main land up here in Washington State. We have all rescued pets including 3 dogs and 2 cats. Along with them a rabbit and several "layin’ ladies" aka chickens ♥ My husband is the love of my life, my daughter the best one God could of given me, and I absolutly LOVE photography. I finally have realized my authentic self, and I’m about to open it on up to the world… get ready people !!! :)

  27. Meredith

    1. Meredith Reffey 2. Full time automotive engineer & mommy of a perfect 1-year-old, and a just-for-fun photographer. 3. Gosling, cupcakes, old-world vacay, & dead even on NM & T&T. If I could let myself dream, I would be a full-time photographer. Right now I just play paparazzi with my baby. And lastly, you guys are really awesome! :)

  28. Lexi

    Hi J + M! My name is Lexi and I am going to be a freshman at The Catholic U of America this upcoming fall! My photography blog is:

    Definitely Ryan Gosling. Ice cream. Tropical Sandy Beach. Both scare me rather equally – yikes!

  29. Jessica Frey

    Hi!! Jessica Frey (Frey – as in Friday!!) and I’m a full time professional wedding photographer currently in Central CA – married to a Marine so we get to move quite often! (updated 3 times a week – Freyday blogs!)
    1) How can one choose between those Ryan’s? After long consideration I’ll take Gosling
    2) Blue Bell ice cream from my state of Texas!
    3) Definitely Tropical!
    4) I’m a tie too – both scary!

    Have a great weekend J&M!

  30. Jessica Norman

    Jessica | Data analyst by day – photographer every other time | I’m addicted to coffee, have tendencies to drink too much red wine, love gut wrenching laughter and can’t do without my iPhone! |

  31. Karen Stott

    Hey lovelies… I’m Karen… and honestly I just like to tell stories and love bomb people…. the best place to keep up with us is instagram.. we’re obsessed…. @karenstott

  32. Rici

    Hey you two lovlies! I loove this new idea! Great!
    1, Rici – 2, student for fun in Itlay, photographing for passion – 3, I am still building my business and I am quite new in the photography world. Last weeks highlight for me was being invited by the chef I photographed for to come back and being offered dinner and one of his best vines. That made me soo happy and man, I love tuscan food…
    I prefer brown eyes, ice cream (just as long as I still have the real deal here) of course VENICE! COmĀ“on! They have a beach there as well.
    Thank you for the funny questions! I am soooo looking foreward to your chat this week! Salutiiii!

  33. Rebecca

    Good morning! My name is Rebecca, and I’m a full time wedding and lifestyle photographer near Boston, MA. My website is I love ice cream and cupcakes equally. No favoritism here. Definitely love me some old world charm. Terrified of Toddlers and Tiaras. It’s a train wreck. I missed this post on Friday but better late than never!

  34. Kathryn Denelle Stevens

    Hi J&M (&j2)! I’m Kathryn Denelle Stevens 2// I’m a wedding and portrait photographer! 3// twitter: @atlasandelia 4//def ice cream (well gelato, if possible)…preferably in Venice …preferably with gosling…sans toddlers..or tiaras. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the HD gift card!!!

  35. Kasey Loftin

    1//Kasey Loftin; 2//Wedding Photographer (Charlotte, NC) and hang out with my loves – my husband and my dog; 3// | |; 4//I’m only two years into the business and trying to educate myself on how to get more clients, which is why I follow your blog regularly!! You guys always share such helpful information. 5//Ryan Reynolds!, Ice Cream, Old World Charm, and it’s a tie for me too – they both creep me out – when I see either one it’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

    Keep on keepin’ on! Love you guys. Hope your wedding season is going well (besides the lens mishap).

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