November 14, 2014

Friday Notes

Happy Friday!

We are finally back home & catching our breath after a couple of whirlwind weeks including not one, but TWO Walk Through a Weddings! Whew! It’s been an amazing time, but we are definitely ready to sit and sip coffee, crank everything out, close out our season strong, and get ourselves ready to take most of December off (Amen!)

It feels like life has been moving warp speed fast, so I thought in the midst of all that I would get you caught up on what’s new with us. Here are just a few random thoughts on life lately:

*We watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls in one month, starting it on October 1st and finishing just in time the morning of Halloween! We were mostly watching it while editing or getting other work done, so that totally makes it ok! :)
*Lately I’m obsessed with Justin’s homemade egg, bacon mcmuffins and I could eat them every day.
*Speaking of which, Justin is definitely the chef in our family! I could find a way to burn water!
*A little while back we finally got around to pulling up the nasty carpet on our first floor stairs that has probably been there since 1882. We now have plans to refinish them ourselves and I’m hoping to blog pictures of that soon!
*Our guilty pleasure lately is definitely Nashville. Ohhh that SHOW! So. much. drama. But I totally wish I could be BFF’s with Rayna James.
*Justin always gives me the window seat when we fly. That’s how I know he loves me! :)
*Pumpkin Buttercream & Apple Cider are the Yankee Candles that are on repeat in our house lately. I burn them approximately 23 hours a day.
*I’m really itching to put out our Christmas decorations already, but we have a “Day After Thanksgiving” rule. When do you guys put up your decorations??
*We just discovered Postmodern Jukebox and we can’t get enough!
*Deciding on what to wear for new head shots is the toughest thing ever. Actually, writing your about page is the toughest thing ever, but head shots are a close second!
*I have a mild obsession with those Pottery Barn lambswool/cable knit blankets and I wish I had one in every room!
*Phantom wine is my jam & I’ll be really sad when it goes back out of season next month!
*Chicken & red pepper pizza from Pepe’s. That is all.

Next week, we have SO much exciting stuff coming to the blog including not one but TWO Chicago weddings and several super exciting announcements. So definitely stay tuned. But in the mean time, I hope you guys have an amazing weekend filled with Yankee Candles, home projects & amazing tv! :)

Happy Friday!

  1. Bethany Cox

    Are the headshots for the back sleeve of a book??? Novel I mean??

    Also… we put our Christmas decorations up last Sunday. #noshame

  2. Sarah Bradshaw

    1. We have the "Day After Thanksgiving" rule, too!
    2. We’re in Chicago for a wedding this weekend, too!

  3. Tiffany Bolk

    Ha! My husband and I started re watching Gilmore Girls this past summer after my beloved cat passed away to make us happy. But we are still on season 5. I love Nashville! Are Juliette and what his name going to get back together?! And I love Phantom wine! You should try Native Son by Kuleto, another seasonal delight!

  4. abbie

    gorgeous wedding

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