December 6, 2013

Friday Randomness…

Just some random musings from our life lately….

1. I’ve been watching a lot of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation the past week or so, and it occurred to me….why did they wait so close to Christmas to put up lights and dig up a tree? It’s just not realistic. And clearly, that’s the ONLY thing about that movie that makes it not realistic. :)
2. Speaking of, every time Aunt Bethany says “Don’t throw me down Clark” or “Is Rusty still in the Navy” it makes me laugh out loud. Favorite. character. ever! Which character from Christmas Vacation is your favorite?
3. They just came out with a new eye shadow palette full of pinks & browns from Urban Decay and it hits stores Dec 12th. I’m thinking of camping out and then rushing the door at 6am…who’s with me??
4. Yesterday I was just having one of those days where you work, work, work all day and it doesn’t feel like the workload or to do list goes down at ALL. This was quite possibly threatening to lead to tears. So I went out and bought some new towels instead. Somehow, it made everything seem better.
5. Flannel pajama bottoms make me ridiculously happy and I probably have something like 30 pairs.
6. That Luke Bryan song “That’s My Kind of Night” is my JAM! And everyday, I make Justin stop working and have an office dance party with me to it.
7. There is this restaurant in New Haven that serves lobster enchiladas. I was trying to describe it to a friend and I said, “you know, it’s like New England gangsta meets Tex Mex.” Because everything is better with a little New England gangsta in it. {Martha’s Vineyard in the house!}
8. Speaking of, the other day I bought Justin his approximately 30th argyle sweater. Now we just need to learn to play tennis and we’ll be all set.
9. The Holiday is quickly rising the ranks as one of my favorite feel good holiday movies of the year. But nothing will ever replace Hugh Grant dancing in Love Actually.
10. We were going through the images from Elisabeth & William’s wedding and this one stood out as an early favorite. So we were trying to come up with a good caption for it and I said “Pretty Maids All in a Row.” But Justin said it clearly had to be… “Do the Bustle.” This also made me laugh out loud.

Happy Friday friends! I hope your weekend is full of holiday movies & preppy cheer!

  1. Tara

    this post made me smile. :) merry christmas, friends!

  2. René Tate

    Is your house on fire, Clark??

  3. Rici

    Thank you Mary for sharing a bit of your normal day and behind the scenes! I love this! I just had a cookie making, pizza eating and first time of the christmas season love Actually! :) So good.
    ~ Saluti.

  4. Rebecca Pierce

    #9 – we JUST had the favorite Christmas movies discussion the other day and Lover Actually was my #1 with The Holiday in the top three :) Kindred spirits…

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