July 22, 2016

Friday Wrap Up: Full & Thankful


Happy Friday friends! We are currently in full-on recovery mode (think late 90s save the world movies and pancakes!!) after two very full days putting on our first ever Two-Night LIVE Event! We had the BEST group both nights & we woke up this morning to an inbox that is absolutely stuffed FULL with emails that have us smiling so big it hurts! :) Already we are hearing things like “my business will be totally changed” and “you have ignited a spark in me that I thought was gone.” Ahhh that makes every hour that went in to getting ready for this totally WORTH it!! So thankful & FULL today!

And we are extra thankful that we have a full weekend ahead of us just to REST and regroup (and maybe do some laundry!) We plan on doing nothing but hanging out at home, hitting the beach, maybe taking the dogs swimming, and brunching like a BOSS!

But get excited because next week is going to be an extra PRETTY one here on the blog, since we’ll be kicking everything off with this gorgeous couple, Niki & Brad, and their stunning Dearborn Inn Michigan wedding! Can’t WAIT to show you!

Until then, have a GREAT weekend guys!


  1. Rici

    Have a lovely weekend! I am sure you rocked it the last two nights. (even if this time I did not stay up till past midnight & join) ;)

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