April 22, 2016

Friday Wrap Up: Arizona Fun!!


This past week, we snuck away for a couple of days vacation at the tail end of two months of crazy long travel & work to spend time in Arizona with our friends Amy & Jordan. It was SO needed, and we were all amazed at how much those couple of days felt like a two week vacation for what it did for our rest and our hearts! While we were there, we got an email from Michael Hyatt talking about the 4 Disciplines of the Heart for what leaders need to do to keep from getting overwhelmed and losing heart in their businesses…he said they needed: 1) Reflection, 2) Rest, 3) Recreation & 4) Relationships. And it was such perfect timing because that’s exactly what those couple of days were for us!

Like our friend Katelyn has talked about…we have kind of a WEIRD life with what we do, and there are very few people who fully understand what it is to live out of a suitcase, finish blog posts in an airport, give a talk in one city and then fly cross country to shoot a wedding in another. We LOVE it, and we don’t take a second of it for granted. But it can be kind of crazy, and so to have other people around us in community who understand exactly what we’re going through, and we can pour into each other & give each other ideas for how to grow while putting the first things first…that is PRICELESS! And we’re just so, so thankful that this crazy life has given us friends like that all across the country! Plus, sitting by the pool in 90 degree weather with palm trees was definitely an added bonus! :) Here are just a few of my favorite highlights of the trip:

*Going to The Escape Rooms with these guys! We loved it SO much that we did two in one night (crazy!) and we will probably laugh for years about finding the sword at the end of the pirate one!
*Floating in the pool and dreaming big.
*Nektar acai bowls! Enough said.
*Finding $30 Kate Spade shoes and $15 Donna Morgan dresses at Last Chance!
*Going to Barre class with Amy…and not dying!
*Our sing alongs in the car
*The buffalo mozzarella pizza at POMO!
*Our photo swap in the desert…the sneak peek is already a new all time FAVORITE photo of us!

Ahhhh best week EVER! Happy Friday friends!







  1. Misty

    It looks like you guys had too kuch fun together!!! :)

  2. Rici

    Love all the joy spilling over from your post!!

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