May 6, 2016

Friday Wrap Up: Life with Atticus!!


Happy Friday friends!! It has been 9 days since we picked up little Atticus and made him part of our family! And I have to say, so far it’s been going AMAZING! Everyone keeps asking how Cooper is adjusting to having a new puppy in the house & betting that he’s not thrilled. And to be honest, we were really worried about that too! After all, Cooper has been an “only child” :) for nearly 11 years! But we are SO thankful to say that the two are getting along GREAT so far! It’s the cutest thing…Cooper will go and lay right next to Atticus while he’s napping, and bring toys over to play tug of war, and he doesn’t even mind (most of the time!) when Atticus pulls on his tail! (If you aren’t yet, you HAVE to follow along on Snapchat to see the videos of that!)

And I think maybe one of the best parts about having both of them together, is that Atticus seems to be picking up on things SUPER fast as far as training goes. And I think a LOT of that has to do with watching Cooper do the same commands so he understands it better, and also to have a big dog to tell him off when he’s overstepping his bounds. :) We’re just crazy HAPPY, is basically what I’m saying! And over the last 9 days, we’ve learned/remembered a few things about having a puppy:

*If you think you’re in shape, just chase a puppy around for a day! You will quickly realize you need to do more cardio! STAT!
*As soon as you bring a puppy into your home, you realize there are at least 1000 ways to die in every room…and the puppy will point out everyone of them to you.
*Puppies are such a great reminder that naps. are. awesome.
*Puppy breath. It is the BEST.
*Slow dancing in the kitchen with Atti is my favorite new thing. And it was with Cooper too.
*Waking up & seeing that little face is the BEST.
*He’s so FLUFFY!!!
*Re-enacting Lion King scenes with a golden puppy is maybe the most fun ever.
*Atticus loves to crawl under our couch and play “whack a mole” popping out from a different side every time…and it’s the cutest thing EVER.
*Just when you thought Journey songs couldn’t get any better….add in a puppy dancing to them!
*And finally, a few years ago at a marriage retreat we made a dream board where one of the pictures was a second golden retriever puppy. At the time, we had NO idea when we would get one or what we would call him. Yesterday when we were in my office, Justin was looking at the board and realized we had put a picture of Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird right above the picture of the golden. How CRAZY is that??

I think it just goes to show that whatever dreams you have in your heart, you might not have ANY idea how or when they will ever happen. But trust that they are IN there for a reason. And dreams like that rarely make sense looking forward wondering how you’ll ever get there, but a few years down the line looking back…you will see how the pieces all fit together. And that God ALWAYS had a plan and such perfect timing.

Happy Friday friends!













  1. Shalese

    As if I didn’t want a dog BEFORE . . . he is the cutest ever!! :) And I love the name!

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