June 10, 2016

Friday Wrap Up: Marantz House Project Updates!!

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Happy Friday! One of the things that we have been loving about being home this past month is being able to crank out some more projects on our 1880s house, the #marantzhouseproject (follow along on Instagram to see the whole history of updates!) And if you’ve been following along Snapchat for all the behind the scenes, you saw that one of the most exciting latest developments is that our brand new copper pendant island lights just went in Wednesday!! And we LOVE them! (Just ignore the big hole that’s still in the ceiling! :) They are from Birch Lane and I think they are even prettier in person!

But that’s not the only thing that has gotten done this month!! Here are just a few of the other updates we’ve been working on:

*We actually¬†removed some pendant lights that were on the 2nd floor. Our house used to be a two family that had a second kitchen on the 2nd floor, and we are in the process of turning that into a….well we’re not sure yet! :) Maybe a game room or library or movie theater. But definitely not another kitchen!

*To go along with that, we also had both a plumber and electrician in to cap pipes and electrical cords. We are one step closer to being able to have that room finished off!

*And to go along with THAT, the dry wall guy comes today to start looking at finishing off that room, to patch the hole in the ceiling in our actual kitchen on the 1st floor, and a few other touch ups.

*We also finished off our new deck on the back of the house and that is now 100% done. It had been almost there, we just needed to finish off the steps & my amazingly talented husband built me a wrap around step (custom cutting all the trex himself) to put a big CHECK next to that one on the list of projects!

*We are also installing a patio in the back yard that will have a pergola & bistro lights! All the stones are laid for the patio, we just need to seal them and build the pergola next.

*We pulled out all of our summer outdoor furniture & put together our front porch set up. But the front porch is definitely on my radar as one of the next BIG projects to tackle. It is really showing its wear from being over 100 years old & I have known that I wanted to rebuild it since we bought the house. I would LOVE to update it with new columns, floor, everything.

But, like everything that comes with lovingly restoring an old house with history…one step at a time! :)

Happy Friday friends!

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    Love these lamps!!

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