August 5, 2016

Friday Wrap Up: Dreams Coming True!!


Happy Friday friends!! For this Friday Wrap Up, here are a few things I’m looking forward to this weekend!

1) Tomorrow we get to see a dream we’ve had since we STARTED our business come true…we’re shooting a wedding at The Greenbrier! ahhhh and we can’t WAIT!

2) We’re also shooting a sweet J&M Anniversaries session there tonight so be sure to follow our IG story & Snapchat to see all the behind the scenes of how incredible it is there! I’m pretty sure I’ll be walking around like this the whole time ???

3) Then on Sunday we get to hang out with my family & do some of our favorite WV things!

4) And then after that we’ll be making our way to Philly for our third straight SOLD OUT J&M Lighting Intensive PLUS in under a month!! Crazy! ? Whew! It’s a BIG weekend, but we’re excited!! What are you guys up to??


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