April 29, 2016

Friday Wrap Up: You Are Doing Just Fine

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Ohhhh MAN, what a BIG week this has been!! From getting a brand new puppy, to giving the closing keynote at the Rising Tide Summit, to launching (and nearly selling out in just ONE day!) the June dates for our Walk Through a Wedding workshop…it has been a whirlwind. A full, blissful, is this real life, how did we EVER get so lucky, whirlwind. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because the truth is, most weeks working for yourself do not look like that. I wish that were true! I wish every week that everyone of us was handed a golden retriever puppy when we woke up and were asked to speak somewhere amazing at lunchtime and launched something really successful by 5pm. That would be amazing! But for every week that’s a win like that, there are ten others where we just do the WORK. Where we sit in front of email and work on blog posts and juggle a million things. And we work. And the truth is, right now you might be sitting on week 10 of doing the work with just seven days between you and your next big breakthrough. But it is when we have come the farthest and worked the longest that we most feel like giving up. Amen? So wherever you are today, keep pushing. Keep fighting. Keep leaning in. You have NO idea just how close you are. And next week may just get infinitely, blissfully better than you could ever imagine right now.

So wherever you are today just know, breathe this in….You are doing just fine.


*amazing lettering of my words at the Summit by Selena Ashley Designs

  1. Lisa Cour

    Wise words! And also our “close” is individual. So my win will look different from your win…its important to not compare ourselves to each other because that diminishes the progress we’re making. We must stay our own course and answer to an audience of just One.
    Thank you for sharing your heart so openly.

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