November 13, 2015

It’s Friday, I’m in…


Happy Friday friends!! We are getting ready to embark on what will probably be our most intense stretch of travel yet so far this year and our last big trip away from home before we shut down for the year in December! In the next 12 days we have: a three day conference in Charleston, SC, a two-day Walk Through a Wedding workshop + welcome dinner in Hampton Roads, VA, three J&M Mentoring Sessions, and three shoots for our awesome J&M couples. Whew, child! When you add that on top of the three conferences we just finished, the flu I’m still trying to kick, and Justin’s recent bout of food poisoning…let’s just say we could use all the prayers, good vibes, and crossed-crossables we can get for energy & endurance to finish this race STRONG! But as crazy as that all sounds and as tired as we admittedly are, I still find myself this morning looking forward to it all with so much excitement for how GOOD it’s going to be. When I think about seven weeks ago when we were just starting this crazy run of conferences & travel and how overwhelmed I was looking at it from that side, and just how faithful God has been to carry us through every step of the way, showing up & providing in ways I still can’t wrap my head around for just how perfectly they all turned out in His timing, then this morning I find myself with absolutely NO fear. He carried us this far….there’s no way He’s not going to show up now!!

If you want to keep up with all these crazy adventures over the next 12 days, be sure to follow along on Instagram!! And get excited, because we are going to be kicking off next week on the blog with this GORGEOUS 1850 House Wedding of Samantha & Adam!!

Happy Friday!

  1. Lindsey LaRue

    Hope you both start feeling better soon! Traveling while under the weather is no fun. Soooo looking forward to hearing from you at C&H, though!

  2. Denise Karis

    Whew, Child Indeed!!! Sending you thoughts of wellness and love!

  3. Rebecca Nash-Emerson

    Wow…that is busy but amazing days (well, not the illness of course).

    Here’s to the ride – may it be a happy and healthy adventure for you both going forward.

    Keep on rocking and come visit us crazy canucks up north of the boarder soon eh?

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