November 25, 2008


Guess who just got back from the groomers…!!!

  1. Dennis

    What a dapper fellow.

  2. Amanda Herzberger

    I heart Cooper. Time for some snuggle time with your clean pooch!

  3. Joy Moody

    what a handsome fella.

  4. Melissa Copeland

    aww…he is so adorable..and he looks so grown up with his scarf on. haha

  5. Val McCormick Photography

    Awwww, Sweet Cooper! I just want to give him a BIG HUG!

  6. Samantha Jones

    Aw he looks adorable! I love it when Murphy comes back from the groomers. They look so pretty and smell good. Until he rolls around in the snow. :)

  7. john waire

    this has a norman rockwell vibe. cute dog. happy holidays guys!

  8. Mary Marantz

    @Samantha: oh man! we are TOTALLY gonna have to get Murphy & Cooper together for a play date. How fun would that be?! We could meet in the middle….in….Pennsylvania??? :)

  9. Christa

    I can’t wait until my puppy is that big :)

  10. Mary Marantz

    @ john: LOL! I think he’s kind of making the 40 year old virgin face myself!! :)

  11. Samantha Jones

    Murphy loves a good car ride! As a matter of fact, car rides are his favorite. They’d have a blast together!

  12. Joan Solitario

    He’s so ADORABLE!!!

  13. Melanie Hitchcock

    That sweet pupper needs some big smooches on the face. He is freakin cute as hell!!!

  14. jeramy

    love it! i just took our dog to the groomers on sat. i love it! they smell so nice….and they love it. they feel good. have a happy turkey day.

  15. René Tate

    He’s beautiful! That’s the kind of puppy I want. :) Happy Thanksgiving over there. I hope he gets a little bite of turkey.

  16. Melissa

    Your pup is looking Fabulous!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Pascal

    Gorgeous Dog! Happy thanksgiving!

  18. Tira J

    Happy Thanksgiving Justin, Mary and Cooper. Have a beautiful day.

  19. denise karis

    how sweet – I love big dogs! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  20. Jeanette

    What a gorgeous dog!

  21. Catie R

    What a dashing pup!

    Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  22. Traci

    What a beautiful boy, I have such a soft spot for clean, snuggly pups :-) Thanks so much for finding my blog and commenting, you absolutely made my day!

  23. Dawn B

    well, guess they redemed themselves after kicking Detroit’s butt on Turkey day! Considering their record, Titans should have won….man, if they didn’t I think I would have to move!

  24. Dawn B

    what a gorgeous guy! I have 3 dogs myself, and we use to have a golden a few years ago.

  25. Lou

    Aww, cooper is adorable! xx

  26. Katie Humphreys

    what a sweet pup!!! I love how you’ve dressed him!! I hope one of these days when we’re on the east coast we’ll get to meet him in person! :)

    Hope you guys are doing great!!

  27. Kara Hicks! What a cutie!!! This is A-dorable!

  28. rachel brooke

    This dog is gorgeous!! We have a golden (my fam’s dog), they are the most loyal and sweet dogs.

  29. ohana photographers- david & kimi

    yay for doggie pics!!! pup is rollin metro!

  30. Mary Marantz


  31. Lydia

    So cute! I might have to steal that scarf idea for my puppy!

  32. Tracy

    Oh yay!!! I do SOOOO love doggie photos!
    He’s so cute with the scarf on! : )

  33. erin.

    How sweet!! What an adorable pooch you have!!

  34. cassandra m

    LOVE THIS….aaaahhhhhh, too cute!

  35. Mary Marantz

    Thanks guys!! Cooper’s head is officially about to explode! :)

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