February 4, 2019

Get $3898 worth of photography education for $99

Happy Monday! We are coming to you this morning to kick off the week in such a crazy GOOD way!!

That’s because today we FINALLY get to announce that we have partnered up with 20 other incredible educators & leaders all across the photo industry for one powerhouse bundle of education that is honestly UNHEARD of!!

(Being 100% serious here… we’re even planning on buying one for ourselves b/c it’s just that good!)

ANNOUNCING: The Bundle Co- Photography Edition!!

Are you ready for this?

That gets you 21 incredible courses…

…from AMAZING photographers like Lindsay Davenport, Nancy Ray, Abby Grace, Jen Huang, Julie Paisley, Tenth & Grace just to name a FEW!

…the total package of all these course would be $3898.99 if you purchased each one of them by themselves…

…but when you grab the bundle TODAY, you are going to get EVERYTHING for UNDER $99!!!

Hurry! The Bundle is only open for a couple of days…

Seriously, don’t MISS this!

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