November 10, 2008

Gettin’ the Preferential Treatment

So in case you hadn’t realized it….we are really VERY important people. Everywhere we go, doors open for us and windows close. People bow down and stand in awe… AT the same time. Preferential treatment is pretty much a way of life for us now. Darn this celebrity status of ours. Darn it! What can I say, it’s embarrassing really, but what are you gonna do?? So it came as no surprise, really, when our personal barista told us that we would be receiving our very own Starbucks Black Card . (Ok, it’s *actually* called the Starbucks Gold Card, but go with me on this one.) On par with nothing short of the American Express Black Card, it is THE card to have. Reserved for only very, VERY important people (and really, really good looking people too) like kings and oscar winning actresses, we feel honored to have been chosen for this distinction. We’re going to try our best not to let it go to our heads, really we are. But with something as momentous…nay, life-altering… as this, it’s really hard not to let it change you. I just hope we always remember the little people who made this possible, whatever their names are….


Introducing our Starbucks Black Card….

All kidding aside, in other preferential treatment news we are so PSYCHED to announce that all of our Justin & Mary brides will now be receiving Diamond Card status from the incredible ladies of The White Dress by the Shore. Beth & her whole crew are just AMAZING to work with. Put it this way….they set the bar on customer service as high as it could possibly go, then threw that bar out and got a whole NEW bar that could go twice as high as the first one. Yea, they’re that good. The kind of good that makes you just want to be around them so that maybe, just maybe, some of their rock star status might rub off on you. Or at the very least that they would pick you to be President of their fan club. Yea, that would work too.

So, if any of you brides out there are still looking for THE dress, be sure to stop by THE White Dress by the Shore and have a glass of mimosa for me. You won’t be disappointed!

  1. MattDJ

    I saw this the other day. Black (Gold) card… here I come! ;-)

  2. Amber Paterson

    You are too cool for school

  3. Mary Marantz


  4. Shyla

    I saw this the other day and IMMEDIATELY thought of you.


  5. Anne

    What an awesome idea for a bridal store!! GREAT relationship marketing!

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