July 30, 2009

Giving IS Awesome!!/ Meet the Marantz’s

Yesterday we got to do a very special “Meet the Marantz’s” with Ms. Missy Smith all the way from southern Virginia! A while back around Christmastime, you might remember us signing up to be a part of the “Giving is Awesome” movement that took this country by storm. The idea was for photographers all across the country (and world!) to donate one session to a family in need because, well… Giving IS awesome!

The way we set up our giveaway was that both the nominee and the nominator would win something. So Missy, being the awesome person that she is, nominated her cousin & her family for our shoot. Her words say it all:

I’d like to nominate my cousin, Renee. I love this girl… and not just because we are related! Her husband, Steve, is in the navy. They are stationed in Groton, Ct. They are expecting a baby girl in January. They already have a little boy, Wyatt, who I am thrilled to call my godson. Renee works in a daycare right now. Once Renee and Steve realized they were expecting Baby #2 they realized that things were going to have to change. This is a hard time in our economy. It would not
make sense financially for Renee to continue to work and have 2 children in daycare. She’d probably pay more in daycare than what she’d bring home in her paycheck. So after realizing that Renee was going to have to quit her job they also realized other things would have to change. With only 1 paycheck coming in they would no longer be able to afford their house. The house is on the market right now while Renee and Steve prepare to move into base housing. A couple of months ago they had to sell a bunch of their stuff (TV’s, couches, dining room table) because where they will be moving into is a smaller space. They are adding another member to their family and moving into a smaller home. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense does it? But what can you do when that is what your finances demand? Renee and I have never lived near each other. I live in Hampton, Va. Renee grew up in upstate New York but now is living in CT. The miles between us have never made a difference in our relationship. Renee is such a giving person. If it is in her power to do something she is going to do it. She has done so much for me over the years. She goes out of her way to make people feel special. I would love to bless her with a photography package.

So you can see how we would easily pick these guys to win the giveaway! But here’s the thing, we needed a prize for Missy too for being so awesome in nominating these guys in the first place. Well as it turns out, Missy is an up and coming photographer herself and decided to use her prize money to do a mentoring session with us. I told her the world’s largest box of chocolates would probably be the better way to go, but what can I say… her mind was made up! :) So she flew into town this week and we met up yesterday for some major goal setting over thai food. Because really, how else does anybody ever set goals than over a hot plate of thai dumplings??

Missy, I know we talked about a LOT of stuff yesterday…and I know it feels overwhelming. But like I told you yesterday….overwhelmed is good. We like overwhelmed. Because overwhelmed is just a sign that you’re growing. That you’re pushing yourself to higher things and reaching new levels. And I expect nothing but the highest things from you. So go on….set this world of ours on fire.

Because the world needs more people like you. Giving people. Awesome people. People who think of others first. Thank you so much for coming up to CT to hang out with us. And more importantly, thank you for reminding us that….

Giving IS Awesome!!

Now enjoy some shots of the cutest children on the PLANET. You’ve earned it!! (Sheesh, you guys must have one heck of a gene pool going there!)

I’m not sure if Justin was shooting or playing here, but truth be told I think they’re one in the same for him !

  1. Tira J

    What a great story from every single angle. And that family is gorgeous! Justin….get back to work!

  2. Dennis Bullock

    What a gift and what a family! Good stuff…..

  3. Amanda

    I LOVE this shoot, and of course, the idea of giving is beautiful in and of itself. ;)

    And as a former Navy family, I gotta give props there too. =)

    Gorgeous family!

  4. alison

    Great post, great idea and what a gorgeous family! the face on the little one is just too much! Thanks for giving, it is so important and so easy to overlook.

  5. Steph Kanaan

    Such a wonderful and thoughtful post. Beautiful family with such a beautiful heart.

  6. michelle Sidles

    Giving IS awesome! Great story. :) And those kids are SCRUMPTIOUS!

  7. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Very beautiful family!

  8. Amanda Herzberger

    These kids are off the charts cute – beautiful work!

  9. Crystal Molina

    Gosh those are gorgeous!! No doubt will be cherished for years to come.

  10. Heather Corporan

    What a beautiful family, and a beautiful awesome gift they received. I’m sure they’ll cherish those pictures forever! Giving IS awesome. There’s nothing better in this life! God bless you guys!

  11. Ray

    Such a nice family session. I love the shot of baby girl sticking her tongue out. Too cute. I also love the shot of baby girl with momma. Sweet. And the two black and white shots of dad and soon is very nice as well.

  12. Jeanette

    What a beautiful gift to give someone! Absolutely love the shot on the swing, by far my favourite!

  13. Yuka photo art

    Wow! Amazing photographs! How you reach this warm skin color?! Beautiful family!



  15. Michelle Johnson

    What a special story and such an amazing, deserving family. I am so glad you did this. It is wonderful!

  16. FEUza

    Ahh, warms my heart!!! the father son one of them hugging is the best,also those baby blue eyes and that one with that lip. I sure know what they are going through, and I have two boys and we can not afford daycare at this time. Very well deserved.

  17. Susan Biggs

    Missy is my sister, and therefore Renee my cousin as well and I just have to say they are both amazing people and deserve the photo shoot and the mentoring time! Thank you for both!! Photos look great!!

  18. Valerie Acosta

    OMG, this girl is like the cutest thing ever! Those eyes…. jeeezzz… Beautiful photos, as always ;o)

  19. carla ten eyck

    These are fantastic guys!!

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