December 9, 2008

Giving *IS* Awesome

And the doing good just keeps getting better and better….

So, a couple of days ago we got an email from the oh so adorable Kristen Kalp telling us about a holiday portrait session giveaway she was doing for a family in need.


Lo and behold!! Two days later GivingIsAwesome was born and over 80 photographers from across the country and world are on board to do their OWN giveaways for families in need this holiday season. Seriously?!? How AMAZING are the rockin’ hearts we have in this industry?!?! Tears sting the corners of my eyes just thinking about it!


Kristen asked us if we could just blog about the project to get some more word of mouth going…..but I dunno, I gotta be honest… CT is looking pretty sparse there. No… I think the northeast is gonna have to REPRESENT!!! So here’s what we’re gonna do instead….we’re MATCHING the giveaway that Kristen is doing.

In her own words:

The giveaway will be limited to people in the CT area and you will have to email us at to submit your nomination. The winner will receive a portrait session with us and $2000 worth of photo yumminess in whatever form they wish (album, gallery wrap, etc). And the person who nominates the winner will also receive a $500 credit to grab all the goodies! So get to nominatin’!!

Seriously, send us those emails, because like Kristen said…you know someone.

And now I’m putting out a call out to all my CT peeps in the house, can ya HEAR ME?! I wanna see us have the BIGGEST number on that map, not the smallest!! (Did I mention I’m also a little competitive? :) I mean C’MON Texas has 12 and I KNOW we can take them down! :P Sure, sure we may be small…but we’ve got SPIRIT!!:) (yes, yes, yes we do, we’ve got spirit how bout YOU!?!)

***If you plan on getting involved, please hit up the registration page so that your involvement is counted toward the goal!!

  1. Joy Moody

    I am jumping in on this boat! AWESOME! Mind if I swipe info from your blog?

  2. Mary Marantz

    do it! yay! swipe away!!

  3. Sarah McCoy

    I’m swiping too!

  4. Melissa J Copeland

    this is the coolest thing.

  5. Derek

    You guys really are awe-inspiring. The love and hearts on you people is ridiculous (in a good way)! We love you guys and everything you do.

  6. Crystal

    Yet another fantastic idea I’m going to glean from your site. I love all this *good* you’re doing over here!

  7. erin.

    AMAZING!! I am in awe of all the good spread throughout Connecticut & the good ol’ USA!

  8. Val McCormick Photography

    I’ve got spirit, yeah, yeah, I’ve got spirit, yeah, yeah! I have been meaning to do something like this but just haven’t sat down to type it up on my blog. Now, NO EXCUSES! Heck yeah I am jumping on the band wagon for this one. I would love to put a smile on a deserving face and possible see tears of joy. Thanks for spreading the word.

    Val xoxo

  9. Kristen

    CRYING LIKE A WEENIE OVER HERE!! I had NO idea you’d be willing to do a giveaway…and PLEASE, other photogs…e-mail me: to be added to the database. :)


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