July 4, 2013

Guest Blog: Erin Infantino on Photographer Make-Up

**Happy Pancake Day!! Today we are SO lucky to have phenomenal makeup artist & our good friend Erin Infantino on to guest blog for us! We were just doing a styled shoot with Erin last week, when I was complaining to her about how my makeup always seems to melt off by the end of a wedding leaving me looking (and FEELING!) like a hot mess! Erin said she had just the thing for that, and so I thought why not share the wealth and see if I could get her to tell ALL of us the secret of her ways! :) Erin, on behalf of hot & sweaty photographers everywhere…we thank you! :)

So there you are crouching down, practically twisting into a pretzel and just about to snap that perfect shot of the ocean wave cresting in the background of the bride and groom and suddenly, CRASH, a drop of sweat and foundation drips into your eye. You missed the money shot. Ok, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic but when it comes to makeup and keeping it looking good during these summer months, I can get dramatic. I’m here to give you some quick tips on how to keep yourself looking good while capturing others looking good. Mary asked me to do a guest blog of my 3 must-have products to make part of your makeup routine before heading out the door to photograph your next summer wedding. Just so you’re aware, it’s hard for me to keep this to just 3 so I may slip in a bonus product at the end. ;)

Must-have #1: Blot Out Offensive by Nurturing Force
This is step numero uno after you’ve applied your skin care regime. Use this in place of a primer. You want anti-perspirant for your face? This is it. It’s a very lightweight, oil-free cream that puts a barrier between your skin and your foundation. It controls oil secretion, helps with breakout prone skin and creates a smooth, virtually slip-free canvas to apply your makeup on top of. You can use this with any type of foundation. It’s also Paraben-free, Silicone-free, great for sensitive skin and not tested on animals. We love these earth friendly facts.

Must-have #2: Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Eyeliner
Oh boy, I love these! Eyeliner is so important when it comes to making the eyes pop. This particular eyeliner comes in a gel and is applied with a gel liner brush (Bobbi makes the best brush for this too). Once this beauty is applied it’s not going anywhere. You can get a crisp line with a gorgeous wing or you can smudge it for a smokey eye. The colors Bobbi offers in this are endless and delicious. Do yourself a favor and get thyself to the nearest Bobbi counter to pick out your shade.

Must-have #3: Colorescience Mascara
You were waiting for me to mention waterproof mascara weren’t you? Well, this is something a bit different. It’s mineral mascara from the line, Colorescience. It’s water-resistant, smudge-proof and actually good for your lashes unlike most waterproof mascaras out there. I’m lash obsessed, like any good makeup artist should be, but I don’t like “spider lashes” and this mascara is the perfect hybrid of a high end mascara and lash conditioner while staying put on those steamy, humid days. Let’s not allow ourselves to look like Tammy Faye Bakker in the name of keeping our mascara on. Oh and forget brown mascara, get this in black. Everyone can use black.

Bonus Must-have Product (also known as #4): Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray
I also refer to this lovingly as “Hairspray for Face” but without the sticky feeling you most likely just envisioned. This is the grand finale for your makeup routine. It keeps your makeup in place for up to 16 hours. Voila! You’re ready to face the day…and night.

If you have any questions where to find these products or what other fab products you shouldn’t be living without you can always contact me at erin@simplygorgeousbyerin.com.

Thanks for having me guys!

**And here’s a sneak peek of that shoot we just did with Erin! We can’t wait to share more once it’s published!!

  1. Spring

    Thanks!!!! These are now on my next shopping list :)

  2. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Thank you! I always feel like a mess by the end of the wedding day.

  3. joan solitario

    thanks for sharing! hi mary! i moved to the philippines and i’m no longer doing wedding photography, but i love keeping up with you and justin. you both are definitely my favorite! thanks for all these helpful tips, not just for photography, but life itself! :D also, thank you erin, for this post!! it really helps a lot!

  4. Jade

    Hehehe great tips… I know what I will be buying next time I’m at the shops :)

  5. Karen

    I was JUST wondering about this the other day. I don’t wear makeup on wedding days b/c I don’t want it sweating off and being a disaster …. especially around a white dress! Thanks for the tips!

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