February 19, 2013

Guest Blog: Leslie Kerrigan on FEAR

Today we are SO honored to have guest blogger & one of our dearest friends, Leslie Kerrigan, here to talk to you! Leslie is the founder of the Seniorologie blog & was the genius organizer behind The What’s Next Tour. So every killer venue we had, every parking spot for the bus, every extra fun lighting package is all because of her & her tireless efforts to go above & beyond and make it happen. Leslie is just the kind of person who gets stuff done. In a BIG way. So when it came time for someone to write a guest post on kicking fear in the behind, I knew she was the very first person I wanted to ask. We are SO lucky to have her as a friend…..may I now introduce to you MS. LESLIE KERRIGAN!!

When Mary first asked me to guest post for them, I was ecstatic! It was something I had hoped they would ask me to do for a long time. And that dream was coming true!

But as quickly as the feeling of excitement came, the feeling of fear quickly followed. What if I let them down? What if my style of writing was not good enough? What if no one wanted to read what I had to say?

Fear. It’s an ugly emotion. It is one that can literally stop us in our tracks and keep us from doing the one thing we have been dying to do. And the one thing I have been dying to do, writing a blog post for two of my favorite people, was the one thing that terrified me the most.

So how do you fight through the fear? How do you keep fear from letting you live out your dreams? Or in the words of Mary herself, how do you punch fear in the face?

When it came to writing this post, one of my biggest fears was not having the words. Not having the ability to write what I feel when it comes to fear and not being able to help others who are fearful. So I immediately looked for quotes about fear, figuring the writers of these quotes could inspire me. Hoping these quotes could put into words what I was trying to say. Hoping by reading these quotes about fear, I could find my voice and my words for this post.

Just reading these quotes gave me courage and I hope that they give you courage as well.

I think of fear in child-like terms. As I watch my children grow, I realize that when they are young they aren’t as afraid because they don’t know what to be afraid of. They live life as if nothing is out there to be afraid of. They don’t know to be scared of doing something because you might fail. They don’t know that excuses equal fear.

When they grow and start to realize this, it makes me sad. The innocence they once had leaves little by little and they start to realize the same thing we, as adults, realize. That sometimes life is a bit scary. And to do something you want to do is scary.

So when you look at that big dream you want to achieve, think of yourself as a child. Remember what it is like to just go and do because you can. Don’t stop and think of all the what-if’s and consequences and failures because they will hold you back.

Be curious like a child. So curious that it out-weighs the fear. Want so badly to see the outcome of something, rather than fearing that outcome. Be more curious of what will happen if you live your dream than fearful of what might happen if you don’t.

So how do I punch fear in the face? I push through the fear and DO. I sit down and write the post I was asked to write. I put the fear out of my head. I ignore the doubt. I ignore the voice in my head that says, “What if it is not good enough?”

I let my desire to live out one of my dreams win over the fear of failing. I take action because one thing I have learned from Mary is…


So tell me, how will you punch fear in the face today?

  1. Leslie Kerrigan

    Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to guest blog for you!! You guys are awesome and I am honored to be on your wonderful blog!! XOXO!

  2. Tiffany Farley

    Love it! :)

  3. ashley Barnett

    WOOOO! Love me some Leslie!!! Great job! :)

  4. Cathy

    Thank you so much for sharing Leslie! You totally rocked this!!!!

  5. leslie kerrigan

    Thank you so much for these kind comments! You guys are sooo sweet and I heart you! :)

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