January 24, 2009

Guest Bloggin’ on the LBB!

A couple weeks ago, the WONDERFUL Eddye over at Style Me Pretty asked us to guest blog for a day on the Little Black Book blog. We were flattered….we were honored….we were, umm, NAUSEOUS! Y’know…with nervousness. Because the girls at SMP have their stuff together! TO-GE-THURRRR. If we were even going to attempt to hang with them, then we were gonna have to bring our A-game. Nah, forget that. Our A PLUS game. Our A++PLUS game. You know… the one for really, really good looking people. So we took a couple breaths into a brown paper bag that we just HAPPENED to have on hand, and went to work. Now, you can check out the result HERE!!! :)

  1. Kris Leigh

    Hi Mary! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog! It is very much appreciated and am so glad that I can now return the favour. But not only that, I now get to experience your beautiful work! I will be back often! Sunshine & Smiles! :-)

  2. Leslie Roark

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! You two have such a way with words. Something I could only dream of having. Combine that with a natural, wonderful talent in photography and BOOM.. there is YOU! Congrats guys. You knocked it out of the park!

  3. Terrah

    Wow! How cool is that! I love the "Kiss me…I’m never too busy!"

  4. Eddye

    No, no, no … WE are the ones who are honored!! You guys are the artists. We just get to ooh and ahh over all that you do. Thanks SO much for the fun and clever e*shoot post!

  5. Stacey Gresham

    Mary . . . this guest blog was absolutely amazing!!!! I LOVE the idea of tailoring your photo session to the couple’s story! Your pictures tell such a great story! Thanks for sharing your unique style AND for the inspiration!

  6. Kellan

    It was a great entry! You totally held your nerves together, didn’t sense one shaky word or sweaty palm in your writing. I love themed shoots too and am thrilled that it is catching on and couples realize that an engagement shoot is REALLY ABOUT WHO THEY ARE!!! What a novel though. You guys have some awesome schtuff you got to showcase. The 50’s housewife one…fav!

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