October 31, 2008

Halloween Office Party

Last night we hung around to give out candy to the trick or treaters before heading off to meet up with some friends. Since anybody who knows us, knows our recent obsession with The Office we thought it was only fitting to use that as our theme. Meet Dwight K. Schrute, Regional Manager Michael Gary Scott, and “Three Hole Punch” Mary (only you TRUE Office aficionados will get that last one!!)

Hope you all had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  1. j.

    OMG – its 3 hole punch jim!!!! Man your costumes are (as keely would say) A-mazing.

  2. Amanda Herzberger

    Justin scares me a bit in that picture….not gonna lie ;)

  3. Mary Marantz

    LOL! I know right!

  4. Justin Marantz

    I do look a little like "Evil Dwight" That’s cause I’m plotting to break up Angela & Andy’s engagement!

  5. Robin Dini

    That is a freakin’ riot! I LOVE that show! Justin man…you are rockin’ it. Hey, i think we saw you guys on the high way today. We had just jumped on the highway in West Haven. :)

  6. carla ten eyck

    really amanda? I find myself oddly attracted to Justin as Dwight….!

    you guys are hilarious!

  7. Erik Maziarz

    SUPER costumes! Did you guys see Dwight as the Joker on Thursday night? Haha! Love that show!

  8. Mary Marantz

    We TOTALLY did!! There are actually a lot of parallels in that show…in season 2 they had three kittens and this year they had three jokers. It’s a very deep show, I tell ya!!

  9. Robert J. Trenske

    Justin pulls of Dwight really well!! and Mary and Three Whole Punch…AWESOME

  10. ericamay

    mary, you make a great jim! :) even the facial expression! and i LOVE the "to the" crossed out on "dwight’s" name tag. so great!

  11. Joanna Garcia

    Aww I love your Golden! Mine would probably be trying to chew on that tie.

  12. jamie delaine

    three hole punch mary!! that’s classic!! justin makes a good dwight.

  13. Michael and Carina

    What an awesome idea! I miss that show!

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