October 30, 2015

Halloween Special on the J&M Store!!


Happy Friday & Happy Halloween weekend friends!! We are gearing up for our annual Halloween bash and putting the finishing touches on this year’s costume (just WAIT until you see what it is!!) And we decided that since this IS one of our all time favorite holidays & all, that this deserved a little extra celebration! So for this weekend ONLY, when you use the code “HALLOWEEN” that will get you $50 off anything in our J&M Store!! And for those of you who are new around here, this will give you an idea of what all we offer in there!

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Harvard_Club_NYC_Wedding_Justin_Mary_Photo_005(shot with flash in a tungsten/flourescent mixed light ballroom getting ready room)

The J&M Lighting Guide. This 113 page ebook covers everything you need to know to get started with flash! We start by teaching our philosophies, techniques & approach to creating dynamic, dimensional images with natural light (because no one is afraid of windows!) And then we show you how the same techniques & approaches apply whether it’s natural light, an on camera bounce flash, a simple one light off camera set up, or more advanced two light set ups….all with the simple goal that if you aren’t afraid of windows, you won’t be afraid of your flash either by the end of the book! And we also show you how to get bright & airy images (that don’t look like flash at all!) even when you have to break out a flash in the toughest of rooms! In addition to the ebook, this also includes a one hour video for those of you who are more visual learners! Grab your copy of the J&M Lighting Guide by going HERE!!



The Art of Authentic Posing. This e-course consists of 4 one-hour videos (over 240 minutes worth of content!) that covers all things posing step by step including bride alone, groom alone, couple together, bridal party & more. The videos are a mix of us teaching the principles and then actually getting to watch us apply them hands on with a bride, groom, couple together & bridal party in real life situations, as well as dealing with all the toughest situations (time crunch, uncomfortable couple, unruly bridal party) that come up on a wedding day . All with the main goal of getting you to ditch stiff, static poses once and for all in favor of organic, authentic results that actually tell a STORY about the people in them! Grab your copy of the Art of Authentic Posing by going HERE!!


The Guide. If you have ever wanted to know step by step how we built our business from nothing from the ground up, how we got our name out there in the very beginning when we were first getting started, how we figured out how to price ourselves, how we marketed ourselves to go from 8 weddings to 40 weddings in one year, how we networked with venues & vendors even when we hadn’t worked with them yet, and how we have built a loyal, raving fan base of our most ideal clients who have helped us continue to grow this business like crazy, then THIS is the guide for you. Think of it as one part memoir, one part step by step super practical field guide for how to skyrocket your business. Grab your copy of The Guide by going HERE!!

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