April 3, 2012

Handling Setbacks

About a week and a half ago, somewhere around take 57 or so, I turned off the computer and proclaimed defeat.

Utter, complete, bubble bursting defeat.

I was officially in a funk. A flail. A full on pout. My lower lip was protruding out so far, the dog tripped over it.

I was never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVAH going to be any good at this. So I may as well just give up now. That’s it. Party’s over. I tried. I failed. The end. Compelling story. It’s coming out in paperback this Fall.

Get your copy.

Now…. whew. Do you want to know what the really ironic part was? That thing that I had tried to do and failed at so miserably… that I had now given up on completely? That thing? Yea…

It was a video blog on handling setbacks.

I KNOW!! Oh Alanis, goddess of irony, why do you taunt me so??

I’ve had it on my goal list for about a year now to have a regular series of video blogs on here, and that’s pretty much where it’s stayed. On the list. With stars and smiley faces and exclamation points beside it. Over the past couple years I’ve done a few one-off video blogs here & there, mostly when we were traveling. But I’ve never made it a real thing that I do on a regular basis. And here I was, on my first real attempt, repeating 57 times how you have to react with integrity and get bummed but not bitter….and what do I do? I quit. I gave up.

I completely ignored my own third piece of advice: be able to say you never gave in.

Because when you really boil it down to it, I think the key to handling setbacks is just that: learn from what didn’t work the first time (or the first 57 times). And start again.

Wherever you are, whatever dream you are chasing….run toward it. Stumble, fall, get knocked down. Have a good pout about it. Stomp around your house. Say things like never ever EVAH. But then get back up. Dust yourself off. And start running again.

Because you never know, the world just might be waiting on you to shine.

Yesterday, Justin & I were featured on the Shoot2Shoot website in an interview with the oh so lovely Leslie Kerrigan. In a video blog no less, heaven help me! But Leslie asked some amazing questions & we got through it. Together. And if no other improvements were made, I at least learned that I need to never make that face you see below again.

Never ever EVAH!!!

See? Learn from it. And start again.

If you want to watch the whole interview, just click below. In it, we cover:

* How we got started
* Some bumps in the road using other second shooters before we found Julia
* How we found Julia
* Our best advice on finding second shooters/ our best advice for getting hired as one
* And much more!!

Shoot2Shoot talks with Justin & Mary Marantz from Lisa Carpenter on Vimeo.

  1. molly stillman

    i love the way you pour your heart out in every post – but i TOTALLY know what you mean ESPECIALLY with this one. i feel like every time i hit a roadblock or setback i have to have my own 5 minutes of pouting, arrrrghing, stomping, drinking Diet Coke… you know. but then it’s how we handle that setback that ultimately defines us and helps us grow.

    and yay for the vlog feature on S2S! :)

  2. Abby Grace

    Well, I, for one, cannot wait to watch your vlog on setbacks, whenever you do get around to finishing it. I just posted my first vlog today and I got really frustrated in the middle of recording it, so I know what you mean!

  3. Lauren Wakefield

    Lovin your outfit in the video!! That was a great interview. I feel like second shooters is a topic that doesn’t get hit on much. I’m sending you positive thoughts for your video blogs! I know they’ll be great!

  4. Catie Ronquillo

    Oh Mary! How do I understand this post SO MUCH!!! Especially relating to video blogging. One of my goals since the beginning of the year was to do a regular video blog series. But I was scared..and I cringe almost every time I hear my voice recorded. But then the Creative Live video happened…and I GOSH, MAKING A VIDEO IS SO HARD! And after 50 takes, yes, 50, I finally put something together. Then I discovered the 30 Day Vlog Challenge, and was like…sure, why not? Hahaha, Oh, I hope I can keep up! And don’t give up. It’ll probably be another 72 tries. :) I’m documenting my 30 days of vlogging here: http://www.projectjoiedevivre.com :) Here’s to starting again. And again. And again! :)

  5. sharon elizabeth

    And this is why – you two are my inspiration… it goes beyond the amazing talent you two have…. beyond the success that ya’ll share…. what REALLY gets me about you two – is your sincerity and your genuineness… your ability to be SO raw about yourselves, your business and your relationship with one another…. THAT to me is inspiring! xoxo

  6. Lisa

    Sorry to hear that you had such a frustrating time with your video blog, maybe the key to getting it right is in the 60th try and you were just three away!!! What a bummer, but I watched that video on shoot2shoot yesterday and you and Justin both did a great job! Lots of great information and I also agree with Lauren, your outfit is fantastic as well!
    Hope to see that Handling Setbacks video soon! Good Luck ;)

  7. Fiona McGuire

    Great post!
    Been there! Done that! and will again! Sometimes the key is dusting yourself off and tackling it from a different angle. One of my favourite quotes is "If we always do, what we have always done, we will always get, what we have always gotten". Don’t give up just change the game plan!!

  8. Christy

    Video blogs are HARD! I did one last week and finally just gave in and posted what I had. There was so much stupid stuff I said and things that happened, but I didn’t even care anymore. haha! I guess what I’m saying – just post what you have! Anything that is a mix-up will be funny for others to watch anyway & make you more relatable! (At least that’s what I’m telling myself after Chloe licked her butt for the first 30 seconds of my video! HA!)

  9. Nancy Mitchell

    Love it! You two are so cute. I love Leslie’s accent! 21 days and I get to hug you two! I can’t wait!

  10. ashley barnett

    I’m trying to start video blogging (or "vlogging" as the cool kids call it…clearly I’m not cool) too and it is NOT EASY. I look like a fool, and realized my smile is crooked so I appear to only be talking out of half of my mouth. It’s really attractive. But, I’m working on it :)

  11. Lisa

    To quote a really good speaker I saw at a recent PUG, "what’s your number?"

  12. Emilia Jane

    You two ROCKED the video blog!!!!

  13. Alison

    Ironic was playing on the radio as I started reading this. Seriously. Made me laugh because I am right there with you right now, but I will keep on going. I will keep pushing through because what is on the other side will be so worth it! Keep going:)

  14. Tina Nandi

    "Wherever you are, whatever dream you are chasing….run toward it. "
    Love love love!
    Thanks for sharing! And thanks for your comment on my blog, Mary! :)

  15. KFinn

    great post! things I needed to hear today. I appreciate all your honesty and sharing — thanks guys!

  16. Bethany Cox

    YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO DISNEY WORLD?!?!?! I cannot wait to see the photos. I love that place. I can give you an inside scoop too. Buy this: http://touringplans.com/unofficial-guide and you can’t go wrong. There are a few fun iphone apps too that tell you line lengths and things. Have to much fun!

  17. Rachel McCloud

    So encourageing. Thank you for sharing :)

  18. Rebecca

    Loving your posts. Such honesty, humour and genuine advice is fantastic in this industry! Love your blog

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