June 21, 2016

Happy 11th Birthday Cooper!!

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Happy birthday Cooper!! This sweet boy turned 11 years young yesterday & we wanted to celebrate by sharing 11 things we LOVE about him!

*We love that when we do “shake” with him, he throws down his paw with such swagger. He takes shake VERY seriously.

*We love that as BIG as he is, thunderstorms still scare him & make him want to crawl into bed with us.

*I love that when I’m having a tough day, he knows to come and pick up my hand with his nose and make me pet him until I feel better.

*We LOVE watching him swim after tennis balls.

*We love that he lets his little brother Atticus chew on his tail with such patience, when we all know he could probably eat him in one bite.

*We love that he also knows how to sit, lay down, wait & spin in circles. He also did roll over for one day before he decided it was beneath him. We love that he has standards.

*We love that in our heads he speaks in the voice of Morgan Freeman.

*We love that he’s a golden retriever who doesn’t really retrieve. He’ll run over to the stick and show us where it is, but that’s about it.

*We love that he’s the most popular dog at his grooming place! :)

*We love how loved he makes everyone who comes into our house feel. People could learn a lot from dogs.

*And finally, we love that I always said I was going to marry the man who gave me a golden retriever puppy. Cooper has been as much a part of our story and marriage as the two of us have over these past 11 years.

Here’s to MANY more happy years with you bud! We LOVE you!


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