July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!!

Happy 4th of July!!! I hope you are all doing something fun and relaxing surrounded by all of your family & friends! We are having an AWESOME time celebrating our nation’s birthday in its birthplace! As you can imagine, Philadelphia goes all out for the 4th of July and it is such a cool experience being down here to take part in it.

Last night we hit up the game and watched the Phillies whoop up on the Mets, and then this morning we went out to Cairnwood for the rehearsal. This place is INSANE and now I can’t wait for tomorrow! Today we’re going to walk around downtown Philly before going to the rehearsal dinner tonight on the Spirit of Philadelphia and watching the fireworks over the water. I hope you all have an awesome night and drink some fresh squeezed lemonade for us!!
For now, here’s a lil’ sneak peak from all the fun so far!

  1. Alyssa Jul

    I love the reader board, I feel like I am at the game!

  2. Amy Clifton

    Looks like such a fun night! You did a great job capturing the energy and warmth.

  3. Feuza

    This looks like it is going to be such a great wedding! I love love the first shot! looks like so much fun!

  4. maggie

    can I be you? pleeease? but I’ll have to wear a Mets hat.

  5. Bett

    GO PHITIN’ PHILS! *Calms down and gets back to the commenting of beautiful blog photos*
    Fantastic shots taken at Citizen’s… you did a wonderful job… as always. Isn’t Philly the best?! Love, love, love the city of brotherly LOVE.

  6. erica velasco

    Um…can you say wow! What a place for a wedding!

  7. christina

    what a great idea of pics at the phillies game! I also love Cairnwood!

  8. andrew bryant

    Great shots guys!! Love the Phils :) Also, so cool to see you guys shot at Cairnwood… my wife and I got married there!!! Love, love, love that place.

  9. oneshotbeyond

    awesome shots! love looking through the expressions that were caught!

  10. Nancy Ramos

    These are awesome shots. Nancy Ramos

  11. Erika McCauley

    The clarity in your images is amazing! Beautiful work! :)

  12. MEL

    These are amazing pictures! You guys ROCK! The only thing that was horrible was Mary wearing a Phillies hat! I think I might ask you to wear a Mets hat when you shoot our wedding!

  13. Cheryl Cronin

    No wonder why I haven’t seen you at Starbucks – you’re not here! This post is so much fun – it looks like the wedding was going to be a total blast. Lovin’ the images.

  14. Courtney Cawley

    You guys are fantastic! I love your work and I am always amazed by the creative shots you come up with. Keep up the good work.

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