November 19, 2008

happy accidents…

It’s good to be reminded that sometimes the coolest things in life happen when you get it all wrong.

  1. john waire

    WILD. i love it! good grab :)

  2. kim sanderson

    ha! Love that thought (and the photo!)
    Miss yous!

  3. Kara H

    I love this! Thanks for the little reminder…to keep shooting, or keep going even when it feels wrong…just keep going! Love it!
    Thank you!

  4. jeramy

    i tell sharon that, all the time

  5. Joan Solitario


  6. denise karis

    :) I’ll have to remember that – I never see cool shots out of my mistakes!

  7. Adrienne

    So true! Love the colors in this shot!

  8. Amber Paterson

    That looks rad!

  9. Kirsten

    AMEN to the thought, HOLY COW awesome to the picture!!

    [and thanks for stopping by my blog…I am in awe of your work.]

  10. AKA Photography

    Lol makes me want to make more mistakes…

  11. Ginger Murray


  12. Cathy and David Photographers

    DUUUDE!!! That’s so flipping sweet! I love it! :) -D.

  13. Candace Prokopets

    So true. So true. Great shot!

  14. carla Ten Eyck

    couldn’t agree more with you! This is really neat- love the Foley craziness!!!

  15. Nancy

    cool accident; i love when stuff like this happens!

  16. Katie

    this is awesome! I love when things like this happen.
    It’s the kind of thing you can’t recreate!

  17. Christina LeMarr

    Awesome shot!!!

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