October 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Justin!!

Today is my Justin’s birthday.

And that means it’s my favorite day ever. Because I like to imagine that the day he entered this world, the cosmos shifted, a ripple was sent through the time space continuum, and all the possible splintered outcomes realigned. Because the day he was put on this earth….was the day that meant my heart would never again be alone.

In every way, Justin was created to be my perfect counterpart. Not my exact mirror image mind you, or a mere replica of who I am. But so much more than that. Because he’s the one who came along and somehow fills in all my gaps. And makes me a better person because of it. Like I always say, he’s the calm, cool & collected to my “Eeeeeeeeeee!!!” The steady rock to my roll. The soft place to land to my high wire walker.

And so today, I celebrate.

Because today is the day that he came into this world. And my whole life was forever changed because of it.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life & the lettuce to my veggie wrap! I hope you’re always the one holding me together.

**We take birthdays pretty seriously around this house, so we kicked off “birthday week” right with Justin’s first present on Sunday: a Rollei medium format film camera. And yesterday I got to grab a few shots of him with it!

I would love for every one of y’all out there reading this to take a second to wish Justin a very happy birthday! It know it would mean the world to both of us!

  1. Emilia Jane

    Happy Birthday Justin!! Cheers to a blessed next year!!

  2. Stephanie Stewart

    Happy Birthday, Justin!!! Can’t wait to see your magic with that new Rollei! Enjoy your birthday week! :)

  3. ashley barnett

    Mary, we are two very lucky ladies with two very handsome men that happen to share the same birthday :) Happy birthday to both of our "Js"!!!!

  4. Katie Jane

    Happy birthday, Justin! That Rollei is a pretty awesome birthday present.

  5. Heather Beach

    Happy birthday Justin!! Have a fun and relaxing birthday week! :)

  6. Spring

    That camera rocks!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN :) xoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. Isaac Stott

    Happy Birthday Justin! Hope you have an incredible day and a year that is blessed beyond measure!

  8. Isaac Stott

    Happy Birthday Justin! Hope you have an incredible day and a year that is blessed beyond measure!

  9. sharon elizabeth

    happppppy birthday justin!!!!! and happy birthday to mary, because i know you feel like it’s your birthday too you’re so excited =)

    Hope today is perfect for ya’ll! miss ya

  10. Lisa


  11. Kristin Peddicord

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN! May your day be filled with love, joy, and laughter!

  12. Jessica Connery

    Happy Birthday Justin!!!!

  13. Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday Justin…that looks like a very interesting camera….hope you enjoy it!

  14. malika luthra

    happy birthday justin!! hope it’s absolutely wonderful!! :)

  15. maggieb

    Happy Day Justin! Here’s to chocolate cake and orange juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  16. Steph Dervan

    Hope you’re having a camera-tastic birthday!

  17. Julia G.

    Happy Happy Birthday! Hope it’s full of chocolate cake (and orange juice!) :) xoxo

  18. Susan Evans

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!! I imagine you’re loving your "first" gift!

  19. Sally Ann

    Happy birthday Justin!

  20. Tiffany Bolk

    A very happy birthday Justin! Nice job on the gift Mary!

  21. Brian

    Happy Happy Justin!
    Enjoy that new toy!!

  22. Emily

    Happy Birthday Justin!!! Enjoy your birthday week!

  23. Jil

    Thank you for bringing so much beauty into my life every day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!!

  24. Lydia

    Happiest of b’days, Justin!!!

  25. Ciiku

    Happy Birthday Justin

  26. Arjun Luthra

    Happy birthday Justin!! Hope you have a blast :)

  27. Stephanie

    Happy Birthday, Justin! Love that new toy of yours… :)

  28. Tricia & Josh

    Happy Birthday Justin!! :))

  29. Kathryn Denelle Stevens

    Happy birthday, friend! Your presence is this world is felt…not just in Mary’s life, but in so, so many others–including my own. Thank you for that! So cheers to you on your special day!

  30. Jaime & Chase

    Happy happy birthday Justin!! I hope you have a day filled with live and well wishes, but most importantly a new year brimming with blessings in abundance. xoxo Jaime+Chase

  31. ami

    Happy Birthday Justin!!

  32. ami

    Happy Birthday Justin!!

  33. athena

    happy birthday, sir! may it be filled with perfect light, a little fog, dog kisses, warm snuggles from mary, and a perfectly cold beer. xoxo

  34. Amanda

    Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like a great day/week!!!

  35. Rici

    Hey Justin!!!
    Happa, happy birthday! I hope you have the most beautiful day and many happy returns. Please say hi to your absolutely amazing wife! You two are so adorable together. I really like the top images with the navy blue jacket! ~ Tant salutiiii.

  36. Jenn

    Happy birthday, Justin! Wow to the camera ;)

  37. rich

    happy birthday justin!! hope you are enjoying your birthday (week)!!

  38. colleen

    a very happy birthday Justin….thank you for all your great tips and just for being you!

  39. Liz and Ryan

    SOOOO HAPPY!!! What a special day!!! I think an O’s win would make it even more MAGICAL!!! That is our birthday wish for you! That AND an incredibly special year ahead!!! It is going to be AMAZING!! Love and Hugs your way! Happy Birthday!

  40. Lisa cour

    Happy Birthday, Justin! I love people who think birthdays should be celebrated in a week’s time instead of a day’s time….life is just too precious to NOT. Blessings!!

  41. Samantha

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!!

  42. Christen Ferris

    Happy Birthday Justin! Wishing you all the best!!!

  43. Tira J

    Happy Birthday Justin! Hope you have the most AMAZING DAY!!!!!!! Sending hugs to you from California! xoxo

  44. GrandmaIna

    I remember the day you were born–and Mary is right–the world rocked!! HappyBirthday!

  45. Genevieve Kopil

    Happy birthday Justin! It was wonderful finally meeting you yesterday, I hope you have an amazing day and had a change to relax!

  46. Becky

    Wishing one of the happiest of days to you!

  47. Rachel McCloud

    Happy Birthday Justin!!!!!!! :)
    I hope you have a really good day and that you get to eat something super awesome for dinner :)

  48. Jackie

    Happy Birthday, Justin! I hope all your dreams and wishes come true!

  49. Bethany Ann

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Justin!!! :)



  51. Jessica Frey

    Happy Happy Birthday Justin! What a sweet write up, Mary – you two are so precious!

  52. Jessica Vidmar Photography

    Happy Birthday Justin!!

  53. Jilske

    "The steady rock to your roll" — love that, and so true! Enjoy and celebrate together – not just today but everyday rocking and rolling too!!! (PS Happy Birthday Justin :)

  54. Ailyn

    Feliz Cumpleanos Justin!

  55. Gino DeMaio

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday, and as an old school 6×6 film shooter, I also wish your new birthday gift a very happy birthday as well!

  56. Sindy

    Happy birthday Justin!! :)

  57. Girish

    Happy birthday mate. Have fun and a great day. Super gift :)

  58. Emma P

    Happy Birthday Justin!! I hope you have an awesome birthday week and enjoy your new camera!!!

  59. Kristin S.

    Happy Belated Birthday!! It’s still your birthday week so it still counts. :D

  60. Mia Bjerring

    Happy belated Birthday, Justin! I hope you had a great day!

  61. maggieb

    "Happy Day After Your Birthday!" was always a big traditional greeting in my childhood!

  62. Christa Hann

    Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a good one :)

  63. LEOLAK

    Happy Belated Birthday Justin!! Hope you had a fantastic day!!

  64. Sarah Wamuhiu

    Justin’s Birthday is our anniversary…cool. Happy birthday!

  65. Abby Grace

    I missed it! Dangit! Happy belated birthday then, Justin!

  66. Carissa

    AH shoot! I’m super late… but I was out of the country for that past 10 days without a lot of internet so I’m just now playing catch up on all my favorite blogs. Somewhat decent excuse, right? Anyhow, BIG (although belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!

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