October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Justin!!

We sat on the ground in our brand new back yard and pondered the situation. Apparently somewhere, sometime, someone thought it would be a good idea to pour a slab of concrete three feet deep in the exact same location where we now wanted to plant some mums. Bright yellow happy mums. Who now, just like us, sat on the ground in our brand new back yard. And pondered the situation.

Justin jumped up, shovel in hand, refusing to be defeated. He dug and I shimmied. We pushed together and pulled together. We wiped the sweat from our collective brow together. And an hour later, a three foot deep slab of concrete cried uncle. It gave way in an audible anguish of defeat as he roused it from the ground and lifted it high into the air.

This silly slab of concrete, that apparently somewhere, sometime, someone thought would be a good idea.

And as we piled dirt around our freshly planted flowers, I couldn’t help but think that this was yet another metaphor for the dance that is our lives together. We push one another and we pull together. We wipe our collective brow together. He digs that I shimmy. And we work side by side to build this life. Together. A good life. A life worth working for. And sweating for. A life filled with to the brim with all things bright, yellow and happy.

Twenty-eight years ago today, my best friend was born. My soul mate, my confidant, my partner in crime. And I know he’s been working all his life to become the husband he is today. Someone who’ll work beside me, carry the heavier load, refuse to be defeated.

J, today on your birthday you can bet that I’m going to be the one to celebrate. Because this is the day that my best friend was born. My soul mate, my confidant, my partner. Today is a celebration of the best thing that ever happened to me. So forgive me if I make your day just a little bit…ok a LOT… about me. Because let’s face it…..like I told you yesterday:

Baby, you were born to love me!!!

Happy Birthday J!!!!!

  1. René Tate

    Wahoo! Happy Birthday Mr. Marantz!

  2. Megan St. Clair

    Happy Birthday Justin!!

  3. Gina Meola

    Happy Birthday!!!! How cuuuuuuuUUte!!

  4. Erica Velasco

    Happy Happy!

  5. Tira J

    Happy Birthday to you Justin!

  6. Ashley

    AWWW! that’s so sweet! happy b-day justin! you guys are lucky to have each other.

  7. maggieb

    "The birthday of my life
    Is come, my love is come to me" Christina Rossetti

    Birthdays and Love. Love and birthdays. Perfect Together.
    Like you guys.

  8. Chelsea Nicole

    Awwww… so sweet! Happy birthday Justin! Hope it’s FANTASTIC!

  9. Alice

    Happy Birthday Justin! Love that adorable photo… I can imagine (with your new home) there will be more like it in your near future :)

  10. Lydia

    Happy B’day Justin! It was a wonderful day 28 years ago!

  11. Dennis Bullock

    Who knew he was so handy!

  12. Ray

    I LOVED that last line! =D And what an adorable photo. I also loved this line as well, "Twenty-eight years ago today, my best friend was born."

    A happy belated birthday to Justin!! ;o)

  13. imthiaz houseman

    ha, soo cute! LOVE the last line.

  14. Amanda Herzberger

    LOVE the picture :)

  15. Rachel

    Happy Birthday Justin! It was mine on 10 /10 as well :-)

  16. carla ten eyck

    happy belated Jus!!!!

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