December 22, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve!!

So we still haven’t quite made it home yet! First we stopped over in Maryland to see my mom and spent the night with her and then LAST night we were hauling on down through Virginia when this massive ice storm set in just an hour or so ahead of us and caused a NINETY car pile up! Yikes! My uncle was stuck on the other side of it and ended up having to sleep in a gas station parking lot all night! So needless to say, my dad called us and told us to get off the roads immediately. It’s looking a lot better today and we only have about 3 more hours til we’re home in West Virginia. Here’s hoping they go smoothly!

And for your viewing pleasure…Introducing our new 2008 ornament!! It’s in honor of the tree lighting post we did earlier. Pretty cool, eh?

I hope you are all having a warm, happy & blessed holiday (free from ice storms!!) Eat an extra Christmas cookie for me!!

  1. Jeff and Lisa Llarena

    Merry Christmas, Justin and Mary! Wishing you guys all the best this holiday season and the coming new year!

  2. john waire

    hopefully the rest of your trip is much less eventful. safe travels!

  3. Melissa Copeland

    Happy Holidays!!! Love that ornament. Be Safe on your way home!

  4. jeramy

    take it easy on the roads. merry christmas!

    the ornament is beautiful. take care.

  5. Ashley Rose

    1st be safe! 2nd love the ornament :) 3rd enjoy the holidays! Thank you for your constant inspiration and for just being soooo sweet & I really appreciate it Mary :)

  6. Dennis Bullock

    Merry Christmas to you guys too! Have a Peppermint Mocha Twist for me!

  7. Tira J & David

    Merry Christmas Justin and Mary! May you be blessed this holiday season. Love the new ornament!

  8. Harold

    So you now see what I used to run into coming to visit you!

    Merry Christmas!… Brat.

  9. denise karis

    merry christmas! :)

  10. Jenna Walker

    merry christmas you guys! so great to see your BEAUTIFUL blog and all of the amazing and wonderful things the two of you are up to! may 2009 bring many successes your way – and a very happy life!!! :)

  11. Robin Dini

    Merry Christmas Guys! Be safe!

  12. Robin Dini

    Merry Christmas Guys! Be safe!

  13. Gina Leigh

    Merry Christmas! My family and I are in a hotel tonight on our way back home to sunny Florida…from chilly Tennessee. I nearly froze all week long in the 50 degree weather…I know, life’s rough, eh? Hope ya’ll had a great time, ice storms and all.

  14. cassandra m

    Hope you guys had a MOST BLESSED and MERRY CHRISTMAS. Prayers for a safe trip.

  15. Zach & Jody Gray

    Got to love cold, icy weather! Thought you’d be interested to know that we had 70 degree weather yesterday here in Nashville… It’s December… Go fig.

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