December 2, 2013

Happy {Cyber} Monday!!

Happy {Cyber} Monday you guys!!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and a fun Black Friday, whether that was going out and hitting the sales or staying home & shutting off the world! Either way, I hope the day involved peppermint drinks and Christmas movies on the couch!

Our Black Friday traditions are pretty low key….there’s no getting up at 4am to fight the crowds for this girl! But one thing we DO always do every year is head over to the Walmart near us around 8am and hit up their movie sale. We got about 30 new movies this year and almost all of them rang up at $2 each! Crazy! My favorite find would have to be one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies, It’s a Wonderful Life. I cry like a baby at it every year, and now I can watch it as many times as I want!

Before we went out though, I hit up the 50% off online sale at Ann Taylor Loft and grabbed this new faux fur scarf & the black lace dress you see below. Now I just have to find a holiday party to wear them to! :)

From our movie success at Walmart, we decided to hit up the gym we used to go to since we were already on that side of town, and get re-signed up so we can get a one month jump start on our 2014 resolutions. It turned out that they were also running Black Friday sale where the rest of the year is free. So now I guess I HAVE to work out! :) Since we’re going to be doing all of that new working out, I decided I needed some new yoga pants (not to be confused with the ones I already have which are for wearing around the house. Obviously.) So we hit up the 50% off sale at Old Navy where I also got these pajama bottoms for like $6, whoo hoo! Finally, we ran across the street to the mall and I picked up a new container of the bare minerals “illuminate” powder that is one of my favorite holiday go-to’s for shining bright like a diamond. Or something like that!

So that was pretty much it for us! How about you? Did you have any good Black Friday finds??

**And in honor of Cyber Monday, we are continuing our Black Friday prices on all of our new 2014 workshops that haven’t sold out yet! But this is the LAST day to grab them (and Richmond only has like 3 seats left!) so be sure to jump on them while you can! Just scroll to the post below this one & you’ll find all the info & links!


  1. ashley barnett

    Jeremy and I woke up early to buy….a limited edition flavor of our favorite brand of protein shake. WHO ARE WE?! But, in our defense, it’s peppermint bark flavored sooooo yeah. :)

  2. sharon elizabeth

    That’s because us VA folks love ya! =)

  3. alicia sturdy

    i think EVERYONE needs a fur infinity scarf this winter!!

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