April 24, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Hey guys!

It’s 5 o’clock…so here’s to the weekend!!

Justin & I are taking off for two much deserved (if I do say so myself) days of R&R in the Berkshires with our friends the Herzbergers. We will not be answering phones, checking email, or otherwise working in any way AT ALL. So there! :)

But we couldn’t leave without giving you a lil’ Friday chuckle to start your weekend and a sneak peak of what’s heatin’ up on the back burner. It’s coming, ohhh YES it is….so be prepared!

LOL, check out this guy! Hey, I don’t blame him….Allison is H.O.T!! I’d stare too! :)

Happy Friday!!

  1. Tira J

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. oneshotbeyond

    cute catch!!!

  3. Glenda

    Hummm… I’m thinkin’ he’s smiling at you!!

  4. Dennis Bullock


  5. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Yeah, I’m not sure who he is looking at. Maybe he’s checking you both out!

  6. amber

    She’s HOT…Mary’s HOTTEST.

  7. The Apprentice ;)

    Too funny! Have a wonderful and restful weekend!!

  8. robert Norman

    have fun you crazy kids—know what’s sad? I know EXACTLY where you’re shooting in that photo!!

  9. Paige Green

    i think hes checking out Mary!

  10. Aunt Lynda

    Great Pictures. My fave is # 12.

  11. Ray

    Have a great weekend. =o)

  12. Cheryl Cronin

    He’s totally checking out your cool photo stance Mary!!

  13. Erin

    I don’t know mary….Her legs look great..but your booty looks so cute in those jeans!

  14. erin harvey

    Haha, love it. Hope you guys had a good break!

  15. Erik Maziarz

    oooh can’t wait to see these!

  16. Robert J. Trenske

    Love the guy looking on, how funny! Can’t wait to see these. Hope you guys are doing well!!

  17. imthiaz houseman

    uhmm…I don’t think he’s checking out Allison…he’s checking out you in your cute little jeans! ;)

  18. Krystal Prue

    Mary, Mary quite contrary that man so is totally checking YOU out. Hope you guys had a relaxing weekend.

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