October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

You asked, we answered!! We’ve been getting lots of emails wanting to know what our costume was already! :) Sooooo, here it is……



So there was me and I was dressed like this:

And then there was Justin…and he was wearing a little something like this:

And together we WERE…..

Cash……4……Clunker. Get it???

We were Cash For Clunkers!!!!! :) :) :)

We had a blast walking around our neighborhood and seeing it dawn on everyone what we were! I think the parents enjoyed it much more than the kids, but whatever!!

And of course, keeping in our theme, Cooper had to have his own costume. And this year he told us he’d like to go as….

Our car, the British Racing Green Mini Cooper!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! We’d love to know…what did you go as?

  1. Stacey

    haha AWESOME!

  2. John Paul Halford

    I Love this and you guys. Cooper cracks me up he is such a good dog.

  3. feuz

    love it, look at cooper pose it

  4. Michelle Sidles

    Almost TOO smart for me! ;) I finally got it before the end of the blog post tho. ;) I *love* Mini Cooper, too.

  5. Beth

    I love Cooper!!! I just want to kiss his face like crazy!!!

  6. Julia

    Very cute you two!!

  7. maggieb

    …and there you are again – lovin’ life and sharing fun! There is not better way to spread the love!

  8. Melissa Rothschild

    You guys are adorable! And Cooper is beautiful!!!! xox

  9. Betzography™

    Such a creative idea! I love it!

  10. jennie Fresa

    Good topical costume! So cute! I especially like Cooper’s get up! LOL! Good one! :) :) xoxox

  11. Samantha Harkins

    I love the regal pose Cooper is striking on the left. Too cute!

  12. gina amin

    love it! Is that real money? Hope you weren’t on the streets though…I’d be constantly looking behind my back!

  13. Emily Beaty

    You guys are awesome!!! Love it. I LOVE Cooper’s costume, too! Perfect. :)

  14. Adrienne Byrd

    You guys are too funny! Love the costumes and the serious creativity! TOO CUTE!

  15. Ray

    Don’t know what, "Cash For Clunkers" is, but I love Justin’s beat-up car costume. So cool that you guys still get dressed up for Halloween. ;D

  16. Chelsea Nicole

    Heck yeahh! You guys are so clever. Totally love the Halloween costume!

  17. Lydia


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