October 10, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday Justin!!

Today is my Justin’s birthday.

10/10. A magic number. For it is the day that he came into this world. And this has made all the difference in my life.

Today for the first time in the 9 years that we have been together, we are not together on his birthday. I am in Georgia, he is in Connecticut.

And my heart aches out the miles between us with every beat like it’s counting them out one by one.

But this is who Justin is. He pushes me to go chase every dream and every calling. Even if it means we’ll just have to have chocolate cake & orange juice one day later.

Annnnd oh buddy. There will be chocolate cake and orange juice.

So since I’m not there to do it person, would ALL do me a huge favor and help me wish Justin the best birthday ever and just fill up this comment box with Happy Birthday wishes and chocolate cake dreams.

It would mean the world to me. Because…so does he.

Love you Boo Radley!

  1. Mom & Dad

    Happy Birthday Justin. You have become one hellava good man! We are so very proud of you.

  2. Lea Ciceraro

    Ok, first, I LOVE this photo of you two!! So gorgeous! And second, I hope you have an amazingly awesome super duper blue-shelled tree hugging ass kicking birthday, Justin! You’re a gem, and a generous, kind-hearted man, and Mary is a lucky lady to have you in her life!

  3. Tara

    Happiest of Birthdays to you Justin! Wishing you a wonderful day and most blessed day with your beautiful wife tomorrow!

  4. Andrea York

    Happy Birthday Justin!!!!

  5. Spring


  6. Evian Granitz

    Happy birthday Justin!

  7. Nancy Barnhart

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a most talented man! Look forward to meeting you both in Oregon! Enjoy your chocolate cake and OJ and keep on spoiling your gal!

  8. Jeanine Persichini

    Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday! : )

  9. Miranda

    Happy Birthday, Justin!!

  10. Erin Schrad

    Happy Birthday, Justin!

  11. Genevieve Bock

    Happy Birthday Justin!! Fridays are the perfect day to cut loose anyway!!

  12. Malika

    Happy Happy Happiest Birthday!! Big hugs from India!

  13. ashley + jeremy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!! We can’t wait to see you guys this weekend!!! Hooray!

  14. Belinda

    Happy Birthday Mr J!! Hope your day was wonderful, even without your missus there to celebrate with you xoxo

  15. Stephanie Stewart

    Happy Birthday, Justin!!! Wishing you the most delicious chocolate cake ever!!!

  16. Sue McFarland

    Happy happy birthday to you, Justin!!! I hope you get everything you wish for today!!

  17. Rose Devore

    Happy Birthday Justin!! I hope you enjoy your day !

  18. Gayle Driver

    Happy Birthday, Justin! Can’t wait for the workshop in Charlottesville on Tuesday!

  19. Liz and Ryan

    Happy Happy Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday Justin!!! Sending you the biggest hugs ever!! Can’t wait to see you TOMORROW to celebrate! ;) WAHOOO! XOXOXO!

  20. Meredith Sledge

    Happy birthday Justin!!!!

  21. Sharon Wright

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday..

  22. malika luthra

    happy happy birthday justin! hope you have a wonderful day and celebrate all weekend long! :)

  23. Carissa

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Justin!!! I hope that you have a fantastic day, and even more so a fantastic birthday week! (There are some pros to having to celebrate a little late ;)

  24. Jeremy & Kristin

    Happy Birthday Justin! We are so very humbled to call you our friend and hope this is one of the best years yet for you personally!!!

  25. lisa cour

    Happy Birthday, Justin! Blessings for the coming year!

  26. Joe Don Richardson

    Wishing you the best and bestest birthday wishes there are!

  27. Meg

    Happy Birthday Justin!!! Eat dessert all day!

  28. Mrs. Karen

    Happiest of birthdays to you Justin!!!!

  29. Jeremy Jackson

    Happy Birthday Justin! Hope it was a great one even though you two are apart and I hope you guys have an awesome time celebrating when she gets back!

  30. Cathy & Jeff

    Justin!!!! We wish you the happiest of birthdays this year and hope, though you & Mary are apart, that the two of you and Cooper get to spend at least a dedicated day to just celebrating you. Hope you have an amazing day!!!!

  31. Cindy Habel

    Happy birthday wishes to Justin from Australia!!

  32. Sally Ann Lee

    Happy birthday!

  33. Christy Tyler

    Happiest of Birthdays Justin!!!

  34. Payal Jha

    Justin, Belated Happy Birthday!! We share the same birthday!! :)

  35. Rici

    So this one is for you Justin! May you have a richly blessed new year! Filled with adventure and tons of good moments!!
    ~ Tanti Salutiiiii!

  36. Tara Peddicord

    Happiest of birthday’s Justin! (A day late) Thank you so much for sharing Mary with us this week, on your birthday, for Pursuit 31. In this way, you have both been a blessing! Enjoy weekending together! :)

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