May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there! I hope your day is spent with the ones who love you most, pampering you like nobody’s business!

We are so excited because my own mom is in town staying with us this weekend, and together the three of us are cooking up a Guest Bedroom Before & After that is fully worthy of HGTV. With only $500 and two days to get it done, we’ll see what we come up with! Stay tuned this week for the “show.” :)

love love love

PS: How cute was I? :) :)

  1. Christa

    LOL…you were soooo cute (still are dear)
    Happy Mothers Day to your Mom and can’t wait to see the "after" for the Guest bedroom

  2. maggieb

    Enjoy your Mom!

  3. Evie Perez

    Ok, Mary this is too cute!!! I am glad you enjoyed your mom and can’t wait to see the new room. Have a great day!!

  4. maggieb

    oh! yes! you are adorably cute!

  5. Jared Rey

    Simply beautiful. All I can say.

  6. Ray

    You were adorable Mary! And you still look the same! Glad you got to spend Mother’s day with your momma. Can’t wait to see the guestroom: HGTV, style. ;o)

  7. Dale Kelley

    You’re still a cutie!

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