May 10, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day out there to all you hot mamas!! And especially big hugs go out to our own two hot mamas, Nancy & Karen! We hope that you got your flowers and are having a very relaxing, wonderful day! ‘Cause you definitely deserve it!

We have been having an AWESOME Sunday. First we got up and went on a five mile hike, then we came back and Justin made the best oatmeal known to man! Oatmeal with cranberries, walnuts and brown sugar. It was AMAZING! After that we went on a (very brief…yea, we’re super out of shape) run, and then got ready for lunch and our “final details” meeting with Stephanie & Greg. Their wedding is just two short weeks away, and on my BIRTHDAY in case you were wondering!! And I can’t think of two people I’d rather be spending it with. Cause first of all, they showed up with home made lemon cake…y’know just because.

Yea, just because I LOVE them!! It was amazing! Seriously, best lemon cake EVER!

Then we headed downtown for lunch and they told us all about what they have planned for the wedding and their guests. We’ve been sworn to secrecy, but trust me…it’s gonna knock your socks off! S&G, we can’t wait to see you guys again in just a few weeks. You’ll know us cause we’ll be the ones with the big cameras and the goofy grins!! :)

So much love!

Happy Mama’s Day!!!

  1. Kristine

    Is your birthday the 23rd or 24th? I’m shooting my first solo Associate wedding with Gray Photography on my 25th on the 24th! Anyways… just thought that’d be fun if your birthday was the 24th as well :)

  2. Mary Marantz

    @kristine: I’m actually May 23rd but HOORAY for Geminis!!

  3. Ray

    How creative of them to wrap up your lemon cake as as gift?! I love that. And you’re both sworn to secrecy huh…I can’t wait to see their wedding!! ;o)

  4. Amy Clifton

    No way, Mary!! My birthday is May 23rd too! :-) Geminis are way cool. (but also way complicated….) Hehe!

  5. Rachel darley

    Mary, can I raid your closet?? Like seriously? =) love what your wearing! lol. Sooo looking forward to seeing what they’ve come up with for the wedding!!

  6. Christopher

    Looks like it gonna be fun!

  7. Steph & Greg

    We had a blast yesterday, can’t wait to see the both of you in less than 2 weeks! Glad you enjoyed the lemon cake. : )

  8. Lydia

    Mary, you’re so cute! I love your style!

  9. corey

    man justin the oatmeal sounds good i have a great cookie recipe that is similar, but you add flaxmeal to em!

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