December 12, 2011

Having It Together

There are a lot of things that go in to looking like you have it all together (when you really don’t). Especially working for yourself. Especially this time of year.

Here are some of MY faves!

1. Scheduling all of your meetings on the same day, so you only have to get out of your pajamas once.

2. Adding the most basic of tasks to your to-do list, so you feel a sense of accomplishment when you mark it off.

3. When in doubt, tie a bow on it. Bows make everything better.

4. Having enough dishes so you only have to wash them once a week.

5. In a pinch when people are coming over, socks make great swiffers.

6. Stacking a ton of fitness magazines on your treadmill so it looks like it gets a lot of use. Dusting it off helps too.

7. Bulk runs to the post office. Y’know, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Obviously

8. When you don’t have time to make something from scratch for that holiday party, buy it pre-made and put it on a pretty plate. No one will ever know.

So please tell me I’m not alone in this. Does anybody out there feel me on this? Anybody, anybody? Bueller? If not, tell me what are some of YOUR favorite “get it together”(or at least look like you have) tips for this time of year? Annnnnd….GO!!

***Also, this will be our last week of tying up loose ends before we officially CLOSE DOWN FOR THE YEAR this Friday, Dec 16th. We will still be blogging during that time, but we won’t be reopening for work until Jan 15th, 2012. So if you need anything, be sure to shoot us an email before then!

  1. Abby Grace

    For some reason I assume that if I blow dry my hair, people will assume everything’s in tip top shape. That, and not letting anyone into our apartment because it’s such a disheveled mess.

  2. spring

    putting ribbon and bows on gifts… I think adding a bow (and not one of those stick on ones) makes gifts looks ten times more festive and fancy then just a simple wrapped gift. Even if you can’t tie a big pretty bow just wrap the ribbon around it and tape it on the back/bottom or tie it in a very simple bow. That little bit of extra makes the difference!!!

  3. Bethany Cox

    hilarious. well said. i love your pj’s by the way.

  4. Jasmine E.

    OMG!! Awesome!!! My faves are #3 and #7 — I can relate. LOL

  5. Genevieve

    Love these! And yeah I can relate to several of them especially the scheduling all meetings on same day to avoid getting out of PJs. ‘Tis the season to be busy!

  6. Faye Bernoulli

    My desk at my full-time job looks amazing…all neat and organized. My desk at home, however, looks like a dump truck ran over it twice and a tornado jumped in for some fun. Don’t let my handwriting fool ya! ;)

  7. ronnie

    I bring my bike or surfboard in my car. That way it looks like I have plans after work, even if I don’t use them sometimes :)

  8. Deney

    Staging! Its a natural thing specially if you’re a photographer.

  9. Shannon Sorensen

    I always have a holiday candle of sorts lit so it smells like our tree is real or there are yummy things baking in the oven.

    A large pile of neatly stacked bills and unorganized junkmail looks nicer than having it spread all over the kitchen table, counter and coffee table.

    Having a colorful office rug hides cat hair and spilled coffee really well.

    I keep Real Simple and housekeeping magazines in the living room, and celeb mags tucked into my desk in my office.

  10. Kris Rae Orlowski

    And, here, I always thought there was just one step to having it all together: Be Mary Marantz! Have a great holiday you two!

  11. Kristen Wheeler

    When in doubt, more Christmas lights.

  12. Jenny

    omg, this is right on. lol.

  13. michelle

    I have two great tips!!: 1. Make sure your Christmas tree is prominently displayed in a window in the front of your house, so everyone thinks you’re house is fabulously decorated and clean. and 2. When in doubt, shove all the "mess" into a closet and shut closet door.

  14. athena p

    I don’t ever wear sweats/pj’s in public. EVER. No matter what. I might have a PJ top under my coat (that I won’t take off) but I always *look* put together when I’m in public.

    If I’m heading to a birthday and didn’t have time to buy a card, or need to send someone a Thank You note, I’ll make one. Generally using some scrap fabric and my sewing machine. I always keep a stack of plain, blank, colored cards on hand for this very occasion.

    If I don’t have anything handmade to bring to a dinner/gathering, I find a great bottle of wine (or two) or a craft beer that looks yummy/interesting/has pretty bottles.

    I think I might steal the marshmallows on a plate idea, though. That’s great!

  15. Christy

    I am in the same boat!!! Looking forward to wrapping things up and taking some time off! Also – this post totally cracked me up. Love you guys! haha

  16. Jil

    my universe is naturally cluttered (yes, I’m blaming nature), so before any party I do what I call "slight of hand cleaning," which just entails throwing almost everything from every surface in closets and then having guests just put their coats on our bed :o)

  17. Sandra Fazzino Photography

    Love this post… Makes me think of Tim Gun, "Make it work, people." My husband leaves for work at 8am and returns between 7:30/8pm. Lately, it’s not uncommon for me to work all day from home in my pj’s, then at 6pm shower, whip the house together and cook dinner. If I have to run errands, I’ll be dressed and done up, but the house still won’t be put together until an hour before he comes home. Ta boot, I thought things would wind down mid-December giving me time to recoup, but instead, I’m booked thru February…. SO. The routine will live on, I’m sure.

  18. Michelle

    I try to *appear* to have it all together by making no-bake items for all the holiday parties I have this week (like these! I look like Suzie Homemaker, but it took me like 30 minutes to make a bunch of them!

  19. Amanda Driver

    Samesies! Pajamas, dishes & t0-do lists…FTW! :)

  20. Mallory

    This was funny. And SOO true.
    My trick, I paint my nails. Keeping a fresh coat on, without chips, in a color that matches the season makes me look like I’ve got it together, a little bit! :-)

  21. tara

    lol this is a great topic! My tip is that I use boxes and baskets all over my house so that when someone is coming over I have a place to shove stuff.

  22. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Oh I SO feel you on #2 and #7.

    I keep Clorox wipes in the bathroom, and have been known to use them to clean the entire bathroom. In a pinch. When someone is coming over on short notice. I even ‘wash’ the floor with them. No joke.

  23. Mark Higgins

    Let me see…I’m working in sweat pants. Need to run the dishwasher twice. Own 24 pairs of underwear and 30 t-shirts to avoid laundry. I will do all shopping using Amazon Prime and will pay the service they offer to wrap everything. I will use Pea Pod to grocery shop from my laptop. Yes, it’s the holiday season wit 3 wedding left to edit.

  24. Tira J

    Dying right now!!!! Last week, I just about had a nervous breakdown with ALL that is on my plate. I cannot WAIT for this week to be over! I think you stole those images from me because that is what my house looks like too! Love you guys! P.S. where did you get that plate?

  25. Julia

    Cooper adorned with a bow is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!! :) Get it together tip? Swiffer Duster- cut my cleaning time in half! That and throwing everything and anything into the guest room and closing the door.

  26. Kari Jeanne

    Our place this summer didn’t have a dishwasher, and if I didn’t have time to wash the dishes I would just organize the mess – stacking bowls together, etc. – to make it look just a tiny bit less messy! Kinda silly, but it made me feel better about it anyways!!

  27. Lydia

    LOL, so true!!

  28. Christa Hann

    I realized a couple of hours ago that I’ve been wearing my shirt inside out…I still haven’t fixed it.

  29. Laura Meyer

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing – I feel the same way and was having a good laugh reading the post and other comments. Cute PJ’s are a must have of any photog out there!! (As well as a cute go to hat:) Happy Holidays!!

  30. Grandma Ina

    Straighten the living room and close the doors to the other rooms!! If the dishes aren’t done, put them in the sink–out of sight! Clothes not hung up? throw them into the closet.

  31. ashley barnett

    I just giggled my way through this whole post – the post office guys and me are like total BFFs because I go once every two weeks with a stack of stuff up to my eyeballs! Here’s how I try to be "put together" : 1. wear leggings and a denim shirt. I look like I tried, but I may or may not (may) have worn the leggings to bed the previous night. 2. when in doubt, shove it into the closet and close the door. 3. wine and chocolate will distract people from ANYTHING. :)

  32. Jaime+Chase

    And I am still laughing! Not because I’m laughing at you, nope, it’s joyful giggles. This is us to a T! Only we are conserving our heating bill by building fires and snuggling under mounds of blankets. When we have company, it’s stash the blankets and crank the heat for a little bit. Then with the heat from the fire…it’s all toasty! No one will ever know. lol I knew we were separated at birth! We love you guys SOOO much!! Here’s to our PJs!

  33. Katelyn James

    I love the shutting down idea!!! I may have to adopt that! :) My husband would love me if I took a few weeks off!!!!! :)

  34. Lisa Cour

    So nice to be in good company. The list feels endless and those who don’t work from home simply don’t "get it". My tip? We have a very large formal entry way in our Victorian house that we also have to walk through to go upstairs. I try to keep that picked up at all times and most of my decorations are there….as someone said, put that tree right in the front window so the neighbors will think the rest of the house is amazing. :)

  35. Alison

    Our biggest one is unintentional and hopefully will change soon- we live in a place that is totally inaccessible in wintertime unless you have allwheel/four wheel drive and nerves of steel. No one stops by! My daughter recently saw slippers that double as swiffers at BJ’s and has begged for a pair for Christmas- who am I to deny the girl what she wants? :) And I totally hit pinterest for the easiest pretty things to make as gifts this year- the winner- peppermint bark- three ingredients and 15 minutes, bag it up (cute bags & Twisties bought in bulk) you look like Martha!

  36. Anna

    This is too funny! Oh, my list could go on and on… but at this time of year it’s all about turning on the Christmas tree lights, and having "mood lighting" when guests come over. ;) Everything looks cleaner in the near-dark! Haha!

  37. Lauren Wakefield

    You totally just read my mind. Especially the socks as a swiffer…works like a charm. ;)

  38. Feuza Reis

    I so need to close down too! seriously done with the year, will be making this announcement. Things to look lilke you have it together, perception is key guess don’t blog about the ugly stuff, lol just kidding, don’t let any one come over, and I do the remote control on the treadmill instead of magazines so hubster thinks I was on it because I usually go on and watch tv

  39. Taylor Jackson

    bows do make everything so much better. amen.

  40. Shannon Rosan

    LOVE :)

  41. Jennifer Medeiros


  42. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    I am ALL about #1! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! : )

  43. Regina Marie

    Glad to know I’m not the only one… reading your post, Mary… and all the comments at least reminds me I’m in good company.

    I definitely wear my PJs too much, and sometime even while playing taxi for my family. I try to avoid being out of the car in them… but when I have to I try to rock it like it’s intentional.

    And living on a small sailboat, most people won’t come over to our ‘house’, but when they do, we all hang out outside in a screened in room at the marina… lord help in someone wanted to see our boat. 4 people, a parrot, a dog and 3 cats living a small boat, well… makes for a very messy space. lol

  44. Tiffany Bolk

    Love number 1 as well! A bit too true for myself! :)

  45. Kasey

    I’m notorious for writing things on my to-do list that automatically gets done anyway. Things like "brush your teeth," etc. I just feel so much better crossing SOMETHING off my list! :)

  46. Brooke Summer Photography

    WOW you are SO not alone. I totally have one day a week that I schedule meetings for… so that I can stay in comfy clothes the rest of the week LOL! Bad bad I know… but reality. :)

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