August 8, 2010

He Brings Me Flours: DIY Flour Favors

Hiya! It’s Julia, reporting in on our way home from Nashville!

Before we left for the workshop, we finished up two more DIY projects that we wanted to share with you!

First up, our Favors!!

Remember the insipration for the shoot? He Brings Me Flours? Well, the favors for our wedding are… flours! Three different types of flours to be exact, so our guests could “pick a flour” Get it? :)

So here’s what we started with. Check out those red tags! Justin designed them for us, aren’t they cute?? Just to give you an idea, the ribbon attaches the square tag to the front of the bag and the long tag seals the bag closed! Here we go…

First off, we filled each bag with a different kind of flour. This one had Buck Wheat flour in it!

I used a rotary trimmer to cut out all of the tags and then I measured the ribbon.

The ribbon snakes through the tag, so I cut slits on both sides of the label that were a little bit longer than the width of the ribbon. Not gonna lie, the rotary trimmer probably wasn’t the best tool for this. A straight blade would have been a little bit more precise!

Then I threaded the ribbon through the slits like this.

Put a ‘lil glue on the back of the ribbon and glued it to the front of the bag.

Then, glued the ribbon to the back of the bag. And it looked like this!!

Next, I folded the top of the long tag over. We planned on using a bone fold for this, but alas, we couldn’t find it. It turned out fine anyway!

Then we sealed the bag like so! Helpful hint! The tag hides the place where we glued the ribbon!

Justin put these tags together for us, but it was pretty time consuming. So with two days to go, we called in some experts to help us out with the rest!! I totally loved the stationers that designed the paper for my wedding so we called them up and they agreed to help us out! Amy & Matt are THE BEST! We really can’t thank them enough!! We can’t wait for you to see everything they put together for us, but you’ve already seen that amazing “Get Whisked Away” sign & tags from the sneak peek!

If you are just checking in with us, make sure to take a peek at the rest of the projects we’ve been working on! Infused Sweet Tea! Cherry Cobbler! Strawberry Jam! Aged Recipe Cards!

Homeward Bound

  1. Cait

    &J2 – these are adorable!! LOVE them!

  2. maggieb

    awesome- can’t wait to see the presentation table at the "wedding"!

  3. jackie g. photog

    adorable!!! you probably could have used a new atlas and "aged" it like you did with the recipe cards?

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