August 5, 2010

He Brings Me Flours: DIY Infused Sweet Tea

Hi! It’s me, …&J2 bringing you another installment of DIY fun! This time, we took it outside to mix up some Sun Brewed Sweet Tea! And for some extra flair, we infused it with raspberries and lime- DE-lish!

Here’s what we started with!

Place a family sized tea bag in pitcher full of water. We used one tea bag per quart of water. Cover the pitcher (to prevent evaporation and unwelcome intruders!) and leave it outside to brew in the sunlight.

Once the tea is dark enough, bring it inside and sweeten it up! We recommend about 1 cup of sugar, but you could add more! It’s called sweet tea for a reason! :)

While the sugar was dissolving in the pitcher we moved over the stove to make some raspberry juice. Mix two quarts water with a container of raspberries and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and let them simmer for a bit.

While the raspberries were simmering, we squeezed some fresh lime juice for our tea. You only need about 3 tablespoons.

After about 3 minutes of simmering, the raspberry juice should be ready to go! Strain out the pulp and pour the juice right into your tea. Next add the lime juice. Stir the tea a few times just to make sure all of the sugar is dissolved and the raspberry and lime juice are infused throughout.

Pour over ice, garnish with a sprig of fresh mint, and enjoy! We recommend sipping your sweet tea on the front porch with a warm batch of cherry cobbler :) PERFECTION!!

Check back in for the next DIY project soon! Because we’re going to keep them coming at you right up until the workshop next week!



  1. erica

    um, yum! thanks for sharing.

  2. Tiffany Deming

    This TX girls LOVES sweet tea…can’t get it in Reno!! Also love the Billy Currington song "Directions"! Hmmm…may have to put out some sweet sun tea today! :)

  3. Alisa Greig

    the perfect summer tea! i’ll have to try it out for sure :) look forward to the next DIY!

  4. Jessica

    Sun tea is what we call it! Big hit in my family. We don’t actually sweeten it or infuse it or anything, just a glass of ice cold sun brewed tea. DELICIOUS. I might have to try your recipe sometime, it sounds equally delicious!

  5. Dennis

    sounds good to me!

  6. Kristin

    Um.. LOVE sweet tea! Am drinking it infused with lemonade (hehe) as we speak. And i LOVE your C&B glasses too.. we just got the whole set of the same ones!

  7. maggieb

    97 degrees today -this is perfect! I love the splash of raspberry. Do you deliver? Bring some cobbler too. Keep the DIY posts a-brewin!

  8. maggieb

    took me three looks…but I found Justin again!

  9. tiffany zajas

    Wow, that sounds absolutely amazing! Now you have me craving some good ‘ole sweet tea. I’m loving all these DIY posts you’re doing. So fun!

  10. Michelle

    Yum! Julia, this looks delicious :) I love that I keep checking these posts and seeing items from my own kitchen – I also have those glasses, and the C&B mixing bowl from yesterday! Ha.

  11. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    In the south, they apply 2 cups of sugar per gallon of water. Crazy talk!

  12. Jil

    i love the addition of lime and raspberry juice – genius.

  13. Trent

    You guys KNOW this southern boy loves some sweet tea. going to go make some **right now**.

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