August 8, 2010

He Brings Me Flours: DIY Recipe Garland

Hiya! It’s Julia checking in for the evening crew with the last of our DIY projects for “He Brings Me Flours!” And this one is really simple to make, but looks stunning when it’s finished!

For our Old Fashioned Lemonade workshop we showed you how we made paper flag garlands, this time, we decided to switch it up and are bringing you a different type of paper garland!

So we started with 8×8 squares of colored paper and cut them in half. Next we folded over about a half inch of the top. If your paper has preforations like ours did, this hides the jagged edge nicely!

Then we used a glue stick to seal the paper and attach it to the ribbon.

To give it a little something extra we took about an inch of ribbon and tied it in between the different sheets of paper.

The finished product looked like this!! Isn’t it nice of Justin to let me decorate his office?!? Seriously, how cool is that vintage camera display he has going?!?

Martha featured this garland as a unique guest book idea. But we are doing something a little bit different with it! And we can’t wait until you see what!!! (Spoiler Alert!! There is a HUGE hint in the title of this post!!)

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Happy Thursday!!


  1. MM

    Just ignore all the dry wall dust still in his office! I swear we dusted that thing like two days before that. :)

  2. Heather

    That is one seriously cool camera collection.

  3. maggieb

    Are you having fun yet? ;-)

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