April 30, 2010

He Saw it First

He saw it the first time we met.

The first time Justin took me home to meet his parents, we sat in the living room chatting with his dad while his mom conducted an orchestra of steaming pots & pans like a premier maestro. She stirred and strained to a melody in her head, while the steam just struggled to keep up the tempo. And it was awe-inspiring to witness.

To this day, I have no idea what made him say it. But as we were sitting there, just like that and out of nowhere, Justin’s dad looked at me and said, “So….do you know how to swing a hammer?”

My mind raced.

What is this a trick question? A lead in to a joke? Are you going to make me work for my supper? What, do you have some manual labor you’ve been trying to get done? I mean, I could sing instead…..I could sing for my supper if you wanted. Go all Oliver Twist about the situation. Some Celine Dion perhaps. A little Etta James. No wait. That’s a bad idea. Singing is a bad idea. A really baaaaad idea. Oh crap. This is taking way too long. Time’s up. Just answer already. Seriously. It’s been forever. Just. Say. Something.

Uhh. Yea.

“Good. So someday when you & Jus get married and buy a house, I know you’ll be able to help out with fixing it up.”

Annnnnnd crickets. Gaped-mouth, frozen in fear, did he really just say that crickets. Married? House? Hammers? Are you kidding me? Both Justin & I shifted in our seats and stared at our hands the way that only two people who have known each other all of two weeks and have just been told they’re going to get married can. Crickets. Six foot tall, for heaven’s sake don’t say anything. Crickets.

But see, he saw it the first time we met. And he saw it before either of us did.

And last night, nearly six years later, he came over to see the real thing. The whole Marantz crew-Mom, Dad, Little Bro & his Fiance- made the trek down to New Haven to see the new place nearly finished. Well non-condemnable at least. And after that we went out to dinner and laughed over Mahi Mahi Maria. Zuppa del mar. Cannolis and lemon cheesecake. And as we drank our wine and raised our glasses, silently I gave thanks for my very wise father-in-law. For the life that he saw the very first time we met.

He saw it before either of us did. And he helped us see it too.

** And because it’s Friday and in honor of my very wise in-laws, here’s a little shot of their very handsome “Grand-dog” sitting next to our very handsome new dressers! :)

  1. Paul Manke

    He is just so stinkin cute!!

  2. Sarah

    Oh Copper makes me want a dog soooo bad…he is just so stinkin’ cute!!!

  3. Jen Otchy

    Such a great story. Isn’t it funny how loved ones can see things before we do? Cooper is sooooo cute. I just wanna hug him!

  4. Christa

    I really want to meet you guys just so Boone & Cooper can play :)
    It’d be like their own mini golden retreiver meet …he, he

  5. MM

    @Christa: THAT would be awesome! I love the name Boone!

  6. Anna

    This is the kind of story you can’t pull away from…you just want to know what happens! Goldens are incredible dogs, but above all, all dogs in general are wonderful friends!

  7. Michelle Clark

    I can’t take the cuteness! Anyone that sees the two of you, can see the love between you. I was reading over my notes from STL just yesterday! Thanks again for all your inspiration!

  8. Julia

    You have got one handsome son there!! I just want to squeeze him! :)

  9. Nicole Glenn

    Such a sweet story! Super excited that you guys are almost done!!! It must feel amazing! AND, as usual, Cooper is too cute for words. xoxo

  10. MM

    @Nicole: Welllllll….we’re almost done making it not a health hazard! :P But we definitely have miles to go before we sleep!

  11. Cynthia Brown

    LOVE these built-ins! I’m in the same construction mess, in fact also gasping at $4,000 sconces that I feel I must have! Great job guys!

  12. Melissa Gartner

    Cooper is just sooooooooooo adorable!! He is just so cute it made my day!

  13. lesley

    Aww, you just made me cry!! Hahaha nicely done! :)


    What a good dog! What lens did you use for this shot?

  15. MM

    @Chris: Strangely enough, the 85 1.4 Strange b/c I almost always shoot with the 50, but I didn’t feel like digging it out. So I just backed way up to make it feel like a 50. :)

  16. Caitlin

    ah this made me tear up, love this post!

  17. Marcus Murphy

    Gina is laughing at me because I’m all teared up and stuff! AND I don’t know why… which is sooo Mary! So good. LOVE.

  18. Nicky Peterson

    Beautiful! The story, the insight your FIL had, the blessed life you lead!

    Happy Friday!

  19. Tammie

    What a handsome boy you have :) Are those the built-ins you showed off a few days ago on the blog? They look great!

  20. MM

    @Tammie: They are! All trimmed out, painted and with new hardware. Boo-ya! :)


    Thanks Mary for the quick response. I haven’t had much experience shooting with the 85mm. I try to use my 50mm most of the time as well. I love how this turned out. I might have to check it out more. Thanks!

  22. Rosaura Sandoval

    I love this story. So awesome! :) And Cooper is just too adorable! :)

  23. cassandra-m

    I do believe this is my most favorite photo on a blog in a long time…I LOVE it. muah guys. hope you are well….

  24. Gina Meola

    Soooooo beautifully told. AH! You have quite the way with words. Cooper and the house are looking amaaazing!

  25. Tammie

    @MM – NICE!

  26. MEL

    I seriously love your stories……you are an amazing writer. We loved the house and we can’t wait to come visit and stay in your awesome guest room. You guys are truly an inspiration! <3

  27. Ray

    Your father-in-law sounds awesome. ;o)

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