November 2, 2009


Gah! We are getting ready to go hop a flight to New Orleans for PartnerCon, and Cooper walks over amongst our luggage and does this. Heartbreaking!!

If we could take you with us buddy, we WOULD!! Why don’t they allow dogs on flights? Or at least the super cute, fluffy ones? :(

  1. Dennis Bullock

    Aw…he can come stay with me! :)

  2. Yuka photo art

    He is soooo cute and this photo makes me feel sad….

  3. Katelyn James

    Oh the poor baby! :( That’s adorable

  4. Amanda

    Oh sweet Cooper! They always know, don’t they?!

  5. reigna holder

    awww, coop, coop! i used to have to hide that i was packing from lennox until the last minute. my new baby girl has to stay home for the first time without me tomorrow night. it’s such a hard thing to leave her!

  6. Emily Beaty

    Awhhhhhh, poor puppy!!! It is always SO hard to leave our pup behind.

  7. Erin

    Aww, how sad! My dog does the SAME THING when she notices I’m packing. Luckily, though, she gets to come with me some times.

    Hope y’all have fun in NOLA!

  8. Nicole Glenn

    Oh my word!! How COULD you leave a face like that!?!? Cooper is so workin’ that pouty face!

  9. Roxie

    That is a super heartbreaking look he’s giving. Hope you all have fun in Naw Lons!

  10. Ray

    Awww, poor doggy! ;o) Have a great trip.

  11. Alison

    Oh my, how do you pull yourself away? He is just too sweet, and loved his halloween costume:)

  12. Beth

    Ok, you are killing me with the Cooper pics. We have five kids but seeing Cooper makes me want to run out and get a puppy just like him! And that would be CRAZY!! Such a sweet dog!

  13. Courtney

    Poor pitiful Cooper! Mine run to the door every time I put my shoes on and if I say , "No," they will wander away to the couch and give me these looks that say (just wait to you leave lady and I am going to find something to chew up).

  14. Dami

    Awww, he looks like he’s going to miss you very much!

  15. Robin Dini

    that is so incredibly adorable…I want to hug him!

  16. Erica Velasco

    Oohhh so sad =(

  17. Cathy Crawley

    Aww, that is the saddest face ever! My parents used to have a dog that would hide in the car when he saw them getting dressed to go out. Dogs are so perceptive :)

  18. Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs

    Awww…So sweet and so sad!

  19. Jil

    i know you guys are having an awesome time (yay!), but i have to say that no blog posts makes me feel like Cooper…

  20. Kelli Taylor

    Oh my gosh! Saddest face EVER!

  21. Becky

    That would break my heart. What a face!

  22. maggieb

    Chin up Cooper! They’re baaaaacck!

  23. Jeff

    ADORABLE!! :) Gracie does the same exact thing, every time, except she sits on top of our bags as if to say "I’m a big strong cat and if you want your bags, you’ll have to go through me first!"

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